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With the rise in technology, automation has become a topic that has gained lots of traction over the last few years. You might be wondering, though, is automation safe? Text Blaze is an automation tool that can help you safely automate your writing and your work through the use of keyboard shortcuts.


How to safely automate your typing using Text Blaze?
How to safely automate your typing using Text Blaze?


What is Text Blaze?

Text Blaze is a tool that helps you automate writing, such as emails, messaging, note-taking, etc. Save text templates and insert them anywhere using keyboard shortcuts.


Repetitive writing such as emails, sales outreach, customer support messages, and more can be automated by using Text Blaze.



How does it work?

Text Blaze snippets (templates) are composed of two primary sections: shortcuts and snippet contents. The shortcut is the text you type (which will be replaced). The contents of your snippet are what replace the shortcut.


For example, you can create a snippet with a shortcut of “/hey” and the contents “Hello! I hope you’re having a great day!”. When you type the shortcut “/hey” your message will be automatically inserted.


How to safely automate your typing using Text Blaze?
How to safely automate your typing using Text Blaze?


Is it safe?

Text Blaze is completely safe to use.


Using Text Blaze, you can automate your work without losing your personal touch. What this means, is that you can quickly insert text, yet you can do it without losing your tone/style.


Also, Text Blaze doesn't collect any sensitive information about the user, except what the user explicitly wants, and instructs Text Blaze, to collect.


This means that Text Blaze is safe to use if you want to automate your work/writing.



How do I get started?

  1. Visit the official site (linked at the top of this article) and create your account.
  2. Then, go to your dashboard, and create your own snippets.
  3. Next, be amazed at how much time you will find yourself saving by using Text Blaze!



Text Blaze is available on the Chrome Web Store as a Chrome Extension, and also available as a Windows app.


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