The online gaming industry is booming. From online video games and online casinos to play-to-earn games, there is certainly something for everyone. Recently, play-to-earn games are truly starting to develop as the industry is growing stronger. There are now many great P2E games that everyone should try. However, if you are a newbie, it’s important to learn how to play these games and what they are.


The Complete Guide to Play-To-Earn Gaming For Newbies
The Complete Guide to Play-To-Earn Gaming For Newbies


What Are Play-To-Earn Games?

P2E games are games where you can earn rewards, just like any other game. However, these games are more focused on cryptocurrencies and NFTs. As you start playing these games and put hours into the gameplay, you are offered a chance to participate in in-game microtransactions and get those rewards. You can usually get rewards in form of NFTs or the main currency in a game. This currency can later be exchanged for NFTs or even real money!


There are many different P2E genres of games today. The two most popular genres today are RPGs and MMORPGs, but you can choose from a wide variety of other genres, and even online casino games could fall into this category.



How to Start Playing P2E Games?

Now that you know what these games are, it’s time to get started. However, before you download any of the games, you should do some research. You can easily find a list of P2E games and see what they all have to offer. As some games offer different rewards with their own terms and conditions, you should read all that to see if that suits your needs and preferences.


Just like you would read guides for online games, you should do for these, too. A good guide on online poker tips can help you with strategies, just like a good review of P2E games would increase your chances of maximizing your rewards. You can even look for some Free-to-Play games for the start just to get hang of how these games work. In such games, you don’t even have to purchase any NFT to start playing and earning. And once you want to start playing for real, you simply have to create a crypto wallet.


Creating your first crypto wallet is usually free and super easy. You just have to research which one is the best for your needs, sign up, and start taking part in microtransactions in your game.



Decide what currency you want

Before you start, it’s important to decide which currency you wish to get. As mentioned, some P2E games offer NFTs while others offer in-game coins which can later be exchanged. You should see which option is better for you.


If you have great knowledge of NFTs, you can immediately start with those. However, if there is yet much to learn, start with P2E games that offer in-game currency and simply collect it. Once you’ve gained enough knowledge on how to properly and safely exchange your rewards, only then make the exchange and enjoy your winnings.



How to Start Earning

The way to start earning in P2E games differs from game to game. There are games that require you to grind for hours in order to earn rewards. In such games, you simply have to spend as much time as you can on the game, play and let the XP build up. The more XP you have, the faster you level up and this helps you earn some unique rewards which you can sell for real money.


Another way of earning involves scholarships. This is just another word for renting NFTs and as you rent you are a scholar, while the owner of the NFT is the manager. This is a great strategy for players who want to raise funds to buy their own NFTs.


Also, you can look for games that are in their initial phase. If you get in early, you can find a great opportunity for investment. In new games, there are almost always new or mintable NFTs that go for cheaper rates. You can later turn a profit if you sell those NFTs as the game gets more developed and popular.



Lastly, you can start trading NFTs. This is highly effective, but it is difficult to master. This strategy requires a lot of time dedicated to researching NFTs and making the right decision to invest. You also need to know when is the right time to buy and sell, and all that comes with experience. One piece of advice is getting NFTs that are available for shorter periods of time or those that are exclusive to an event. This way, you could score huge profits after those NFTs stop being available for purchase by other players.



As you can see, the gaming world is getting more colorful each year. Today, there are so many options and play-to-earn games are fairly new but are gaining popularity quickly. If you would like to start playing these games, it’s important to research the games and what they offer as rewards. Then, when you’ve mastered that, you can start collecting your rewards!


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