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Microsoft releases a fresh update build for its Chromium-powered Edge browser (number 112.0.1722.11). The beta channel Edge Insiders are now receiving the build. A few policy modifications are included in the most recent Microsoft Edge Beta Build 112.0.1722.11. It also introduces a few new feature enhancements. Continue reading for a complete list of changes in this build.


What's new and improved in Microsoft Edge v112.0.1722.11
Microsoft Edge 112 (Beta)


What's new and improved in Microsoft Edge v112.0.1722.11 (Beta)?

Feature update

Microsoft Edge Sidebar Improvements

Users can access productivity tools concurrently with their surfing window using the Microsoft Edge sidebar. The sidebar has been improved in this release to boost productivity and enhance user experience.


With this update, administrators can now disable the Explore app while maintaining the Sidebar. The Sidebar tower will always be displayed in this scenario. With the Sidebar settings (edge:/settings/sidebar), users can choose to hide their sidebar from appearing at all times. Enterprise users also have the option to "always show" or "auto hide" the Sidebar when an administrator "enables" it.


Future iterations of Microsoft Edge will include more alterations to the sidebar toolbar button.



Enhanced security mode improvements

WebAssembly for ARM64 is now supported by enhanced security mode. On systems running ARM64, x64 Linux, x64 Windows, and x64 macOS, cross-platform support is now available.


Added features for web app policy

Administrators can set up a list of web apps that silently install without user input and that users cannot delete or disable using the WebAppInstallForceList policy. This policy now supports the custom name and custom icon options, which permanently change the installed apps' app names and icons, respectively.


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