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The software architect is the central figure in developing a program or application. Generally, these experts are in charge of defining the technical standards of the entire project, but they also mediate between the parties involved in the business. They can provide their services in different public and private companies on a freelance basis or as a permanent or permanent employee.


If you have ever wondered what this IT profession is all about, read on because this article will explore what it is, what it is responsible for, and how to become a software architect. You may realize that you have the makings to become one.


Role, Skills, and Impact of Software Architects on Product Success
Role, Skills, and Impact of Software Architects on Product Success


Who is a software architect?

A specialized professional software architect designs and develops applications and programs. Such experts dictate the technical standards of a project's coding, tools, and platforms. In other words, they are in charge of all aspects related to software architecture, from guidelines to project quality.


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The role of the software architect, also known as the systems architect or IT architect, is complex. Typically, these architects are professionals who have worked in the programming field or IT world for years. They assume high-level responsibilities and make the most important decisions in the software development process.



What does a software architect do?

Just as an architect plans, designs, and directs the construction of a building or a city space, a software architect plans, designs, and directs the construction of a program or an application.


They select which technology will be used and make decisions about the design, technical measures, platforms, and coding standards to be used. In addition, they supervise other team members and act as a bridge or intermediary between the development team and the project managers.



Some of the most important functions of a software architect are the following:

  • Identify project stakeholders.
  • Knowing the operational requirements.
  • Choosing the architecture and system components.
  • Design and plan the software systems.
  • Ensure the efficiency, adaptability, and security of the system.
  • Coordinate and supervise the implementation of the architecture.
  • Evaluate the system and propose improvements.



How to become an IT architect?

Software architects have good job prospects, with a horizon full of qualified proposals and growth possibilities. It is possible to become a software project manager as long as many requirements are met:

  • Be an expert in programming: software architects know several programming languages, both backend (Java, Python, Ruby, C#, Scala, among others) and frontend (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and more). Of course, they don't need to master all the languages that exist perfectly, but they must have a solid knowledge of the languages to be used in the project they will be working on.
  • Have knowledge of next-generation technologies: beyond the core technical knowledge in programming, IT architects must know about iOS and Android-based devices, the Internet of things, cloud computing, task automation, IT security, and more. They should also know solution deployment automation tools, such as GitHub, Bitbucket, or Jenkins Docker, among others.
  • Have soft skills: technical knowledge is not enough for a role that requires constant communication, coordination with other teams, and task supervision. A software architect must have certain soft skills, such as leadership, teamwork, assertive communication (clear and effective), and problem-solving skills.
  • Know the client or employer very well: software architects must understand the industry to which the organization they are working belongs. This will give them a comprehensive organizational vision, facilitating decision-making aligned with business objectives.
  • Possess related studies: companies usually hire IT architects with a degree in computer engineering, systems engineering, or with a degree related to computing. However, accessing a role like this with a self-taught education or through courses and tutorials is also possible.



The key role of a software architect

As you can see, being a software architect implies possessing a series of concrete skills to design the structure and architecture of a system, ensuring that it is efficient and secure. In addition, it is necessary to have certain soft skills, such as communication and leadership skills, to manage teams.


This is a highly sought-after position in corporations because it is a role with flexibility and many prospects for growth. If you are passionate about programming, software architecture can be an interesting career option.


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