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Agility in business is defined as the characteristic which helps the company succeed in the long term. Agility in the business gives the organization a strategic approach imparting a first-mover advantage in the market.


This helps the company become more responsive towards achieving its objectives and thereby emerging as a successful business entity. Agility in business is defined not only by the leaders and the critical managerial personnel but also in the governance and environment that invigorate the stakeholders working in the organization.


All companies demand agility to increase customer demand and match the demand with their supply.

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PHP is a programming language that helps developers create dynamic and interactive websites. It is used to manage website content, including creating and editing pages, uploading files, and adding user authentication.


PHP is one of the most preferred programming languages for building dynamic websites because it allows you to do so without having to learn a completely new language. Additionally, you can use PHP for free since it's an open-source programming language.

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Learning to program is a very difficult thing. Whether you're a student who urgently needs an assignment and is wondering "Who can write my lab report quickly?" or someone who actually wants to delve into this field for a professional career. Programming benefits you in one way or another in other aspects of your life that can make it better. And now we're going to break down all of those benefits in detail.

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Although being released in 1991, only recently has Python become a leading programming language, and that’s for a reason. Compared to other programming languages, Python is straightforward, and it doesn’t require solid knowledge in programming to learn it.


That’s the fundamental reason why students have started leaning toward learning Python in college.

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You must be aware that, Microsoft and the professional social-networking site LinkedIn launched the LinkedIn-powered "Resume Assistant" in Microsoft Word. This collaboration makes the task of writing resumes that project one's skills and expertise to be easily noticeable by hiring managers.


In this post, we will learn a little more about 'Resume Assistant' and how it will help you to get higher prospect of getting an offer.

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