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Microsoft has released a new update for its Chromium-based Edge browser. The latest update is rolling out as Microsoft Edge version 113.0.1774.35, with several exciting updates and policy changes. The new release enhances the browser's security features, a switch to EdgeUpdater for macOS, and new policies that give admins more control. In this article, we'll explore the latest updates in Microsoft Edge 113 and what they mean for users.


What's New in Microsoft Edge 113
Discover the Latest Updates in Microsoft Edge 113


What's new and improved in Microsoft Edge 113?

Microsoft Edge 113 is here and brings several exciting updates and policy changes to the popular web browser. Here are some of the highlights of the latest release:

Enhanced Security Mode

Microsoft Edge's Enhanced Security Mode now offers better protection while browsing the web and visiting unfamiliar sites. The latest update consolidates the security level settings into Balanced and Strict modes. For more information on safely browsing with Microsoft Edge, visit the official website.



Switch to EdgeUpdater for macOS

If you're a Microsoft Edge user on macOS, you'll now notice a switch from Microsoft Autoupdate to EdgeUpdater. To prevent future automatic updates, users who previously used update preferences for Microsoft Autoupdate will need to transition to the new EdgeUpdater UpdateDefault policy before Microsoft Edge 113. To learn more about this update, visit the Microsoft Edge website.



New Policy for PDF View Settings

Admins now have more control over PDF view recovery in Microsoft Edge. The new RestorePdfView policy lets admins control PDF view recovery, and Microsoft Edge will recover the last state of PDF view and land users on the section where they ended reading in the last session. For more information on this new policy, visit the Microsoft Edge website.



Updated Microsoft Root Store Policy

The MicrosoftRootStoreEnabled policy will now be supported in Microsoft Edge versions 113 and 114, and it will be removed in Microsoft Edge version 115. For more information on changes to the Microsoft Edge browser TLS server certificate verification, visit the Microsoft Edge website.



New Policies

Microsoft Edge 113 also brings new policies, including RestorePdfView, EnforceLocalAnchorConstraintsEnabled, ReadAloudEnabled, ShowDownloadsToolbarButton, and TabServicesEnabled. These policies give admins more control over various aspects of Microsoft Edge. For more information on these new policies, visit the Microsoft Edge website.


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