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Stellar Converter for EDB is an essential tool to keep handy if you have an Exchange Server installation. The application is packed with extensive features that help you convert and export data from Exchange database (EDB) files to PST and other formats, such as HTML, PDF, EML, and MSG. It can also export directly to a live Exchange Server database of any version or an Office 365 tenant.


The native tools of the Exchange Server can export data only if the database is mounted or the Exchange Server is running, whereas this application can open EDB files even if your Exchange Server is not running and export from it.


If you want to extract data from an existing Exchange Server, there is no need to dismount the database as the application can also open EDB files from Hosted Exchange. The application can export user mailboxes, archives, shared mailboxes, disconnected mailboxes, and also public folders.


Stellar Converter for EDB - Best Tool to Migrate EDB to PST or Office 365
Stellar Converter for EDB - Best Tool to Migrate EDB to PST or Office 365


When do you need Stellar Converter for EDB?

Here are some scenarios where Stellar Converter for EDB can come in handy:


Need to Extract Data from Decommissioned Exchange Server

In case you need to export a mailbox from a decommissioned 2007 Exchange Server from years ago, you will not be able to mount the machine and can only export the EDB file from the old tape. With the native tools, you will not be able to extract or read any data from EDB files. In such a scenario, Stellar Converter for EDB can come in handy as it can open EDB files of any version of Microsoft Exchange Server - from 5.5 till 2019.



CU Failed and Ended with an Offline EDB file

When installing Cumulative Updates (CU) if an issue occurs, you would end up with a corrupted installation of Exchange. Extracting data from offline EDB files without losing data can be a difficult task. In such a case, you can install a new Exchange Server and use Stellar Converter for EDB to extract all the data from offline EDB file and export it to the new live Exchange Server.


Need to Migrate from On-premises Exchange to Office 365

When migrating from on-premises Exchange to Office 365, you need to first export mailboxes to PST and then manually upload them to Office 365. Also, uploading public folders is a bit complicated. With Stellar Converter for EDB, you can easily and directly migrate mailboxes, disabled mailboxes, public folders, and other items to Office 365.



Need to Migrate Mailboxes from One Exchange Server to Another

When upgrading to a newer Exchange Server, in a normal scenario, you can easily set up a new Exchange Server (co-existing) and move the data. Also, you need to create scripts for public folders. However, if your Exchange Server is limiting the co-existence or you need to upgrade from Exchange Server 2010 to 2019 without first migrating to Exchange Server 2013 or 2016, then Stellar Converter for EDB can come in handy.


The application can help you to directly export data from the EDB file of any Exchange version to a live Exchange Server database. You can also benefit from the application features, such as automatic/manual mailbox mapping from source (EDB file) to destination, priority exports for exporting critical mailboxes first, parallel exports to increase the performance of the export and shorten the data-in-hand time, and continuation in case the export process is interrupted.



Software Editions and Pricing

Stellar Converter for EDB comes in three editions:


Corporate I: It comes with a limit of 50 mailboxes and a single-user license. It means that you can only install and activate the software on one server/machine. All the features are included. This edition costs $299.


Corporate II: This edition comes with extra features and a multiple-use license, along with a limit of 500 mailboxes. This comes at a cost of $399.


Toolkit: This is an ultimate license and comes with a price of $699. It comes with a multiple-use license and unlimited mailboxes to export. In addition, it includes a bundle of applications:

  • Stellar Repair for Exchange
  • Stellar Converter for OST
  • Stellar Extractor for Exchange Backup
  • Stellar Password Recovery for Exchange



Installing the Application

The installation file is not more than 30 MB in size. The software is installed in just a few minutes. The requirements for installation of the current software version 10.0.4 and usage are as follows:

  • X86 or X64 processor Intel
  • 4 GB minimum and 8 GB recommended memory
  • 250 MB of free space for the installation
  • Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, Server 2008, 2012, and 2016



Using Stellar Converter for EDB

Once you open the application, you will be asked to choose Offline EDB or Hosted Exchange.


Stellar Converter for EDB - Best Tool to Migrate EDB to PST or Office 365


You can manually select the EDB file or use the Find button.


Stellar Converter for EDB - Best Tool to Migrate EDB to PST or Office 365



After selecting the file, a quick scan is conducted, which you can save for later use. To save the scan, you can use the buttons on the top.


Stellar Converter for EDB - Best Tool to Migrate EDB to PST or Office 365


After the scan, you will be presented with an interface that is very easy to use. Here, you can browse all the mailboxes and folders in the left pane. The middle pane shows the list of items with an in-line search feature. The right pane provides a full HTML preview. You can also view the items, like calendars, contacts, tasks, journals, etc. at the bottom of the left pane.



Stellar Converter for EDB - Best Tool to Migrate EDB to PST or Office 365


Once you have granularly selected the items, click on the save option to export to:

  • Live Exchange Server
  • Office 365 tenant
  • PST
  • Public Folder
  • Other formats, such as HTML, EML, MSG, and PDF


Stellar Converter for EDB - Best Tool to Migrate EDB to PST or Office 365



In the next window, you can choose the mapping in the case of Office 365 and Live Exchange.


Stellar Converter for EDB - Best Tool to Migrate EDB to PST or Office 365


You can also see the status of the export.


Stellar Converter for EDB - Best Tool to Migrate EDB to PST or Office 365




As you can see, Stellar Converter for EDB does justice to its hype. It is really an application worth having in your Exchange administration tools.


The application can be used to granularly export from any version of the Exchange Server. The interface is easy to browse through the databases. To add more, if you purchase the Toolkit version, it comes with bundled applications that will surely come in handy.


To be honest, I couldn’t find any cons with the application. But I think the prices could be a little friendlier. The application has exceeded my expectations with its simplicity and powerful features.


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