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Are you ready for the next evolution in Microsoft Office? Microsoft has recently unveiled the commercial preview of Microsoft Office LTSC 2024, catering to specialized use cases on both Windows and Mac platforms. This announcement marks a significant milestone for organizations requiring a long-term servicing channel, offering a suite of familiar Office applications with a focus on stability and reliability.

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Microsoft Excel is a full-fledged tool that is used in many professions. But using it efficiently requires a bit of time. Most people who need to keep track of data find it difficult to navigate Excel as they feel confused between various formulas.


This, in turn, prolongs work which can be done in half of the time. Fortunately, there are many Excel tips, techniques, and shortcuts for both beginner and advanced users to help save time.

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In the contemporary digital landscape, cybersecurity has emerged as a paramount issue. As a result, the focus has shifted significantly toward improving browser security, given its role as the gateway to the internet. Being one of the prominent technology conglomerates, Microsoft's products have had to evolve alongside these security trends to maintain relevance and user trust.


Before delving into the subject, it’s worth noting that an excellent resource for understanding these changes is Guardio, a cybersecurity firm known for its browser security solutions. The Guardio reviews page provides first-hand experiences about their services and their impact on browser security.

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Stellar Converter for EDB is an essential tool to keep handy if you have an Exchange Server installation. The application is packed with extensive features that help you convert and export data from Exchange database (EDB) files to PST and other formats, such as HTML, PDF, EML, and MSG. It can also export directly to a live Exchange Server database of any version or an Office 365 tenant.


The native tools of the Exchange Server can export data only if the database is mounted or the Exchange Server is running, whereas this application can open EDB files even if your Exchange Server is not running and export from it.


If you want to extract data from an existing Exchange Server, there is no need to dismount the database as the application can also open EDB files from Hosted Exchange. The application can export user mailboxes, archives, shared mailboxes, disconnected mailboxes, and also public folders.

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Version 2212 of Microsoft 365 Apps is now being rolled out to insiders in the Current Channel. Two new feature changes are included in the most recent version of Microsoft 365 Apps, build 15928.20198.


It also fixes a few bugs that were present in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel in addition to these feature changes. Read on for a thorough list of the modifications.

Last week, with the release of the MS Office build 15831.20012, Microsoft added a new feature that allows users to save media with closed captions from PowerPoint slides. And this week, Microsoft added a few new improvements to Microsoft Office version 2212. A new build is now rolling out to the Office Insiders in the Windows Beta Channel. Continue reading to know what has been newly added to it.

Just like all other Fridays, Microsoft released a new build for the Office Insiders who are on the Windows Beta Channel. The latest build comes for Microsoft Office version 2211 and contains several fixes. The company didn't add any new features in this build.


For a detailed list of changes and improvements in Microsoft Office version 2211 build 15813.20002, continue reading further.

During the Ignite 2022 annual conference, Microsoft announced that the company is launching a new application that will make your daily office work easier. With the introduction of the new Microsoft 365 app, the company is willing to replace the current MS Office applications.


Now, the company has revealed a first look at the Microsoft 365 app on its official YouTube Channel provides more insights into what the user can expect from this app.

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If you are running Microsoft Office from the Windows Beta Channel, you have already upgraded to the latest Microsoft Office version 2211 last week. Just like all other Fridays, the company has released a new build (15806.20000) to Office Insiders, which is the second build from version 2211.


The latest Office build includes a few new features and improvements that insiders can try out now. For a complete list of changes, continue reading further.

Just like all other Fridays, Microsoft released a new update (Build 15505.20000) for the Office Insiders in the Windows Beta Channel. This update is special because this is the first preview build of Office version 2208. The key highlight of this build is the inclusion of a new notification pane in the Outlook client, and a list of bug fixes mentioned below.

You can soon have the ability to disable specific types of automatic data conversions in Microsoft Excel. With the latest insider update (Microsoft Office version 2207, Build 15427.20000), Microsoft previewed this feature with tons of fixes as listed below. If you are an Office Insider in the Windows Beta Channel, you would like to upgrade to this build to try it out before the general availability.

Microsoft releases the first build of Microsoft Office version 2207. This build is currently available to the Office Insiders who are on the Windows Beta Channel. The key importance of this build is a few new features that the company added to the Office Suite. This includes 3D SketchUp file support and transcribing images into data in Excel.


For further details about the features and improvements added to Microsoft Office version 2207, build 15402.20002, continue reading further.

The macOS provides users with built-in word-processing software, Pages, however, for most users, Microsoft Word is their top pick when it comes to dealing with editorial paperwork on Mac. Trouble emerges when you forget to save the doc, delete the doc either intentionally or accidentally, or simply have no clue where to find the missing files.


There are multiple scenarios where people lose a Word document, luckily, a list of methods to get the docs back at the same time. This post will illustrate certain situations as well as methods to recover a Word document on Mac. Read on to see which situation fits you.

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After the redesigned dictation toolbar was added to Microsoft Office version 2206 last week, Microsoft pushed a set of new fixes to its Office products. If you are following us on Office Insider Channel, the company releases a new Office build every Friday and there is no exception this week. The latest build 15330.20004 has been released to the insiders who are in the Windows Beta Channel, and it adds the following fixes.

Just like all other Fridays, Microsoft released a new Office build (15321.20000) to the insiders who are on the Windows Beta Channel and running Microsoft Office version 2206. The latest Office build adds a couple of improvements and fixes, among which the redesigned dictation toolbar for Word and Outlook is the key new change. Want to know what are the new improvements part of this build? Continue reading further.

Over the past few weeks, Microsoft added several new features to Microsoft Office version 2206. For example, Office Build 15227 introduces voice dictation to take notes, an optimized recalculation in Microsoft Excel, and optimized Auto filter in Excel, faster formula entry in a cell, and shared documents access to guest users. In addition to these, Office Build 15310 extends the maximum number of form responses to 5 million.


And now a new update (build 15313.20000) for Microsoft Office version 2206 is rolling out to the Office Insiders in the Windows Beta Channel (Fast Ring) with several bug fixes.

Microsoft released a new update of Office build to the insiders in the Windows Beta Channel, formerly known as Fast Ring. The latest Microsoft Office Insiders Preview Build 15310.20004 adds an improvement to Microsoft Office Suite and a list of bug fixes.


The latest build adds the ability for users to collect form responses from 5 million users in a single form. Earlier it was limited to only 50,000 responses. For further information (official changelog), continue reading further.

Just like all other Fridays, a new update build of Microsoft Office is now available to the insiders in the Windows Beta Channel. Being the first build of MS Office version 2206, the latest update adds several new features to the Office Suite.


Continue reading further to know what's new and improved in Microsoft Office version 2206, build 15227.20000, released to the Office Insiders in the Windows Beta Channel.

Just like all other Fridays, Microsoft releases a new update build for Microsoft Office insiders this week too. The latest Microsoft Office version 2205 build 15225.20000 is now rolling out to the office insiders who are running MS Office from the Windows Beta Channel.


The latest build adds a new improvement to Microsoft Excel. This improvement upgrades the experience for users who create PivotTables connected to Power BI datasets. Apart from this new change, the latest update also includes a bunch of fixes for the entire office suite.

Microsoft releases Office Build 15128.20126 to the insiders in the Windows Current Channel. The latest update comes with an improvement in Microsoft Word that will make the coauthoring error recovery experience. This feature was initially rolled out to Windows Beta Channel insiders in mid-January this year.

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