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📢 Microsoft Releases Dev Home Preview 0.2

Microsoft releases Dev Home Preview 0.2 with bug fixes and quality improvements, enhancing the developer experience. Get the latest update now! - Story published by Kunal Chowdhury on .

Microsoft has announced the release of Dev Home Preview 0.2, along with the Dev Home GitHub Extension 0.2. This update brings several bug fixes and quality improvements to enhance the overall experience for developers. The latest version is available for installation from the Microsoft Store or the GitHub releases page.


Microsoft's Dev Home 0.2: Enhancements for a Seamless Development Environment
Dev Home Preview 0.2 Release by Microsoft


What's new and improved in Dev Home 0.2 (Preview)?

In this release, Microsoft has made it a priority to address various bugs and implement improvements that enhance the functionality and performance of Dev Home. Let's take a closer look at the key changes introduced in this update.


One notable addition to the repository is the inclusion of a WinGet YAML configuration file for NodeJS. This new configuration file simplifies the process of managing NodeJS dependencies and adds greater flexibility for developers using the platform.


The dashboard in Dev Home now features a loading progress ring while loading widgets. This visual enhancement provides users with a better understanding of the loading progress and improves the overall user experience.



To ensure a smoother appearance, Microsoft has implemented antialiasing for system widget graphs. This graphical improvement enhances the visual representation of data, making it easier for developers to interpret and analyze the information presented.


In response to user feedback, the core widgets in Dev Home now work seamlessly on Arm64 devices. This optimization expands the compatibility of Dev Home across a wider range of devices, catering to a larger developer community.


Another useful addition is the enhancement to the repository cloning tool. Dev Home now displays a list of previously cloned repositories, making it more convenient for developers to manage and access their projects efficiently.



This release also resolves several bugs reported by users. Switching the theme no longer results in a broken state, ensuring a consistent and stable user interface. The installation of apps through the end-to-end setup tool should no longer cause crashes, enhancing the reliability of the development environment.


Moreover, background contrast has been significantly improved in this update. This enhancement ensures better readability and accessibility, creating a more comfortable experience for developers working with Dev Home.


Lastly, the add widget dialogs now dynamically resize with the window, ensuring that all buttons remain clickable. This improvement eliminates any issues with overlapping or inaccessible buttons, providing a more intuitive and user-friendly interface.



Microsoft's Dev Home Preview 0.2 release showcases the company's commitment to delivering a high-quality development environment for its users. By addressing bugs and introducing improvements based on user feedback, Microsoft aims to provide developers with a seamless and efficient experience.


Developers can take advantage of these updates by installing the latest version of Dev Home from the Microsoft Store or the GitHub releases page. Microsoft encourages users to provide feedback and report any issues they encounter to further refine and enhance the Dev Home experience.



As Microsoft continues to invest in development tools and platforms, the company remains dedicated to empowering developers and fostering a vibrant and innovative developer community. With each update, Microsoft strives to make the development process more streamlined, efficient, and enjoyable for all users of Dev Home.


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