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Microsoft has recently released the beta version 115.0.1901.7 of Microsoft Edge, their popular web browser. This update brings several notable enhancements, including improvements to the enhanced security mode and the introduction of the Microsoft Edge management service.


These updates aim to provide users with a safer and more efficient browsing experience while offering administrators greater control over the browser's policies.


Your Gateway to a Safer and More Efficient Web: Microsoft Edge Beta 115.0.1901.7 Has Arrived
Uncover Advanced Features in Microsoft Edge Beta Version 115.0.1901.7


What's new and improved in Microsoft Edge Beta version 115.0.1901.7?

One of the key highlights of the Microsoft Edge Beta Version 115.0.1901.7 release is the enhanced security mode improvements. This mode offers users an additional layer of protection when browsing the web and visiting unfamiliar websites.


To ensure a safer browsing experience, the enhanced security mode is now enabled by default in Balanced mode for x64 Windows, x64 macOS, x64 Linux, and ARM64 systems. This default setting provides users with a balanced level of security without compromising their browsing performance.


It is important to note that the enhanced security mode is being gradually rolled out as a controlled feature in Microsoft Edge Beta 115. If users do not see this feature yet, they are advised to check back as the rollout continues.



Furthermore, administrators now have two new policies at their disposal to manage the user experience of the enhanced security mode: EnhanceSecurityModeIndicatorUIEnabled and EnhanceSecurityModeOptOutUXEnabled. These policies enable administrators to configure and customize the indicator UI and opt-out experience for the enhanced security mode.


In addition to the enhanced security features, Microsoft Edge Beta Version 115.0.1901.7 introduces the Microsoft Edge management service. This service, available within the Microsoft 365 admin center, offers administrators a simple and user-friendly experience to manage the Microsoft Edge browser.



By configuring all browser policies for their organization in a central configuration profile, administrators can ensure a consistent and secure browsing environment for their users. The management service simplifies the process of deploying policy changes and enables administrators to efficiently set up and manage the browser settings.


While the Microsoft Edge management service is currently in public preview, it will be rolled out starting on June 9 and is expected to be fully available by next week. Administrators who wish to take advantage of this new feature should set up a Targeted release to opt-in and access the management service in the Microsoft 365 admin center.



Microsoft Edge Beta Version 115.0.1901.7 also brings some policy updates, introducing new policies to further enhance the browsing experience. The "WalletDonationEnabled" policy enables users to make donations using their digital wallets directly from within the browser. This feature promotes a seamless and convenient way for users to contribute to their favorite charities or organizations.


Another new policy, "ComposeInlineEnabled", enables users to compose content directly on the web. This feature streamlines the process of creating and editing content, eliminating the need to switch between different applications.


The "SearchForImageEnabled" policy also allows users to perform reverse image searches directly from within Microsoft Edge. This feature is handy for tasks such as identifying the source of an image or finding visually similar images on the web.



With the release of Microsoft Edge Beta Version 115.0.1901.7, Microsoft continues to prioritize user security and administrative control. The enhanced security mode and the Microsoft Edge management service offer users a safer browsing experience and administrators a streamlined approach to managing browser policies.


These updates demonstrate Microsoft's commitment to delivering a powerful and secure web browser that meets the needs of both individual users and organizations alike.


To experience the new features and enhancements, users can download the latest beta version of Microsoft Edge or wait for the stable release, which will incorporate these updates in the near future.


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