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Microsoft has released a new preview update (non-security) for devices running Windows 11, version 21H2. The Windows 11 KB5028245 update is designed to address a range of issues, improve existing features, and introduce new support standards, promising enhanced user experience across different areas.


Let's look into more details related to changes pushed with Windows 11 version 21H2 KB5028245 Update. If you installed earlier updates, only the new updates contained in this package will be downloaded and installed on your device.


What's new and improved in Windows 11 KB5028245 Update (OS Build 22000.2245) Preview?
Windows 11 KB5028245 Update (OS Build 22000.2245) Preview


The new update addresses two notable issues that could affect VPN users and those using certain display and audio devices.


Firstly, an issue that caused excessive Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) requests to the network gateway when using VPN on a wireless mesh network has been resolved. This issue, which particularly affected networks with aggressive throttling algorithms, led to a noticeable decline in network performance.


Secondly, users who encounter missing display and audio devices upon resuming their system from sleep will no longer face this problem, thanks to this latest update.



What's new and improved in Windows 11 KB5028245 Update (OS Build 22000.2245) Preview?

Quality Improvements in Windows 11 KB5028245 Update

In addition to these significant bug fixes, the KB5028245 update includes quality improvements affecting different aspects of the Windows 11 experience.


For handwriting enthusiasts, the update extends GB18030-2022 conformance level 2 support to the Handwriting Software Input Panel (SIP), Handwriting Engine, and Handwriting Embedded Inking Control, meeting the level 3 requirements.



The update also makes connections between the client and the Windows Push Notification Services (WNS) server more reliable. This improvement is important for users who rely on timely notifications for their day-to-day activities.


Additional improvements include enhancements to UI Automation and caching mode, resolution of issues affecting Windows Notification Platform and Windows Autopilot profiles, and fixing the problem of users not being able to sign in to hybrid joined devices without an internet connection using Windows Hello for Business PIN or biometric credentials.



App, Games, and Device Fixes

Furthermore, the KB5028245 update addresses issues affecting both Win32 and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps that might close when devices enter Modern Standby. This is particularly relevant for users who utilize certain Bluetooth Phone Link features.


The update also corrects problems that users might face when playing games due to Timeout Detection and Recovery (TDR) errors, issues with user mode printer drivers unloading unexpectedly, and the inability to edit text controls after they become read-only in XAML.



Additional Enhancements

Additional changes with the update include an improvement in the hinting of some letters in the Verdana Pro font family, a fix to ensure the Defender Firewall Profile correctly switches between trusted LAN and public networks, and an update to the Country and Operator Settings Asset (COSA) profiles.


Also, the update resolves a deadlock in Internet Protocol Security (IPsec), a repeating restart issue related to the MPSSV service, and problems with a Clustered Shared Volume (CSV) failing to come online when certain conditions are met.



Security Improvements

Finally, the update introduces an improvement to the Windows Kernel Vulnerable Driver Blocklist, DriverSiPolicy.p7b, by adding drivers at risk for Bring Your Own Vulnerable Driver (BYOVD) attacks.


Moreover, an issue that stopped the fast fat file system driver due to a race condition, problems with refsutil.exe options on Resilient File System (ReFS) volumes, and an issue that affected I/O over Server Message Block (SMB) when using the LZ77+Huffman compression algorithm, have all been addressed in this update.




The Windows 11 KB5028245 update reflects Microsoft's commitment to refining the user experience, improving system stability, and tightening security. If you've installed earlier updates, only the new updates contained in this package will be downloaded and installed on your device. Keep an eye out for this update and make sure to install it for an enhanced and smoother Windows 11 experience.


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