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Microsoft PowerToys, the beloved set of utilities designed to enhance productivity and customization on the Windows operating system, has just released its latest version, 0.73.0. This release brings a host of new features, stability improvements, and refinements, making it an enticing update for users looking to make the most of their Windows experience.


Let's take a closer look at the key highlights and changes introduced in Microsoft PowerToys v0.73.0.


What's new and improved in Microsoft PowerToys v0.73.0
Microsoft PowerToys v0.73.0


What's new and improved in Microsoft PowerToys v0.73.0?

Key Highlights

Numpad Support and Enhanced Keyboard Management

One of the standout features of this release is the expansion of the Keyboard Manager's capabilities. With the inclusion of Numpad support, users now have more control over their keyboard shortcuts and mappings.


This addition allows for greater flexibility in customizing how key combinations are assigned and used. Users will appreciate the thoughtful consideration given to previously bound hotkeys, ensuring a seamless transition to the updated functionality.


Additionally, the ability to manually restore the previous behavior by adding bindings for the Numpad variant offers a tailored experience for each user's preferences.



Introducing Crop And Lock: A New Utility

Microsoft PowerToys v0.73.0 introduces a brand-new utility called Crop And Lock. This utility empowers users to optimize their workspace by cropping an active application into a smaller window or generating a thumbnail.


With a simple shortcut, users can focus on the target window and initiate the cropping process, resulting in a more organized and efficient desktop environment. Whether you're working on multiple tasks or need to monitor various applications simultaneously, Crop And Lock offers a practical solution to enhance your workflow.



Refined FancyZones and Improved ImageResizer

FancyZones, a powerful tool for managing window layouts and multitasking, receives code improvements and a well-deserved refactor in this release. This results in smoother performance and a more reliable experience when arranging application windows according to your preferences.


ImageResizer, known for its image-resizing capabilities, also undergoing a modernization of its user experience (UX). This refresh brings a contemporary and intuitive interface, making it even easier to resize images efficiently.



PowerRename Gets a Boost

PowerRename, a tool designed to simplify bulk file renaming, receives advanced counter functionality. This enhancement streamlines the process of renaming multiple files with sequential numbers, making it ideal for organizing files in directories or during batch operations.


Adding remember last window size logic and optimized item sorting further contributes to a smoother user experience. The "Enumerate items" option is now enabled by default, saving users time and effort when performing renaming tasks.



Other Enhancements and Fixes

Beyond the significant highlights, Microsoft PowerToys v0.73.0 addresses various general improvements and bug fixes. The Always On Top feature gains border transparency, refining the visual experience of keeping specific windows on top of others.


File Locksmith, File Explorer add-ons, Installer, Mouse Highlighter, Mouse Pointer Crosshairs, Peek, PowerToys Run, Registry Preview, Runner, Screen Ruler, and Settings all receive updates to enhance functionality and resolve issues, demonstrating Microsoft's commitment to providing a comprehensive and polished utility suite.



General Updates

  • A tip of the hat to contributors like @sredna for improving elevation logic, and @robmikh and @kevinguo305 for their work on 'Crop And Lock'.
  • Repository maintenance has been optimized with the addition of a /helped fabric bot command, courtesy of @Aaron-Junker.
  • Crashes resulting from invalid settings have been addressed, with special thanks to @davidegiacometti.



Additional Utility Improvements

  • Always On Top: The feature now includes border transparency.
  • File Locksmith: Witness a refreshing icon update.
  • File Explorer Add-ons: Resolved an issue with thumbnail previewers locking files and the ability to open URIs from developer files in the default browser.
  • Keyboard Manager: Labels have been rephrased for enhanced clarity.
  • Mouse Utilities: Both the Mouse Highlighter and Mouse Pointer Crosshairs now come with settings for automatic activation upon startup.
  • Peek: File type accuracy for shortcuts and size display has been fixed.
  • PowerToys Run: Various fixes, including the Base64 Decoding function addition to the Value Generator plugin.
  • Registry Preview: The crash on the 'Save As' button has been fixed and icons updated.
  • Runner: Startup looping issues have been addressed.
  • Screen Ruler: The update now utilizes the appropriate resources file.
  • Settings: Numerous issues have been fixed, improving the user experience.



Microsoft's continuous efforts to refine and enhance PowerToys are evident in version 0.73.0. With an array of new features, improvements, and bug fixes, this release is a testament to Microsoft's commitment to delivering a robust toolset for Windows users. Whether you're an existing PowerToys user or considering giving it a try, this update promises to elevate your Windows experience.


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