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Microsoft has rolled out its latest Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23536 to the Dev Channel. This update comes with a series of bug fixes targeting various components of the Windows system, as well as highlighting some known issues for users. Below, we delve into the details.


What's new and improved in Windows 11 Dev (Preview) Build 23536?
Windows 11 Dev (Preview) Build 23536


What's new and improved in Windows 11 Dev (Preview) Build 23536?

The Good Stuff - Fixes They've Rolled Out

  1. Windows Copilot: Users who've encountered a flipped Windows Copilot icon for right-to-left languages can now breathe easily, as this bug has been addressed.
  2. Taskbar: This update brings solutions for a few taskbar-related issues:
    • A fix has been provided for an explorer.exe crash that affected the taskbar's appearance post-powering on the device.
    • For those who've observed apps in the taskbar appearing cropped and missing rounded corners, this issue has been rectified, especially noticeable when the taskbar is set to 'not combine' and there are many app windows open.
  1. Live Captions: The occasional glitch where live captions displayed the same text line twice has been resolved.
  2. Input: An essential fix has been applied to the ctfmon.exe crash witnessed in recent flights. This crash potentially hampered the typing capability of some Insiders.
  3. Settings: Enhancements have been made to boost the performance of opening the 'Settings', especially for those using the new Home page.
  4. Task Manager: In the latest builds, using the 'end task' option in the Details page could lead to Task Manager crashes. This has now been addressed.


It's important to highlight that some of these fixes may also find their way into servicing updates for the publicly released version of Windows 11.



Known Issues to Watch Out For

  1. Start Menu: There's a minor hiccup where some applications, particularly PWA apps installed via Microsoft Edge, might be wrongly labeled as a system component under the 'All apps' section.
  2. Search on the Taskbar: Occasionally, the tooltip shown when hovering over the search box might not correspond to the current search highlight.
  3. Input: Users who were excited about the Unicode Emoji 15 support introduced in Windows 11 Build 23475 and the color font format with COLRv1 support from Build 23506 may face a setback. Due to a bug from Windows 11 Build 23531, these features don't appear. However, Microsoft assures a fix in an upcoming flight.
  1. Windows Copilot:
    • Switching back to Windows Copilot using the Alt + Tab combination is currently not functioning, though Windows + C can be used as a workaround.
    • Additionally, when launching or refreshing Copilot while utilizing voice access, one needs to apply the "Show grid" commands to click into the "Ask me anything" box initially.



While this new build brings several enhancements and resolves various issues, users should remain aware of the known issues and possible workarounds. Microsoft seems committed to continually refining the Windows 11 experience, and this update is a testament to that commitment.


As always, it's advised to stay updated with official announcements from Microsoft for the latest news and solutions.


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