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In the ever-evolving realm of coding and software development, staying updated with the latest tools and features is paramount for productivity and optimization. Enter Microsoft's most recent announcement: the release of Visual Studio Code version 1.82, coined the "August 2023 Update".


This update promises not just improvements but paradigm shifts in how developers will approach coding tasks in the coming days.


What's new and improved in Visual Studio Code 1.82 (August 2023 Update)?
Visual Studio Code (August 2023 Update)


From enhanced accessibility features to revolutionary debugging capabilities for WebAssembly, this update underscores Microsoft's commitment to creating an all-encompassing platform for developers.


In this article, we'll dive deep into some of the pivotal highlights from this release and explore how they can reshape your coding experience. Whether you're excited about streamlined port forwarding or curious about GitHub Copilot's new preview capability, there's a plethora of features to delve into.



What's new and improved in Visual Studio Code 1.82 (August 2023 Update)?


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