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Microsoft has once again made headlines with its latest Windows 11 Preview Build 23541, released to the Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel. This update is a melting pot of new features, refinements, and a few known glitches that the company is diligently working to rectify.


Dive in as we unravel the changes, the improvements, and what it all means for Windows users around the globe.


What's new and improved in the latest Windows 11 Build 23541?
Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23541 (Dev Channel)


What's new and improved in the latest Windows 11 Build 23541?

Key Changes and Improvements

Start Menu: A significant update from Windows 11 Build 23511, the rich thumbnail previews (tooltips) for cloud files under "Recommended" on the Start menu, is making waves. Users can now also right-click to share these files. However, some Insiders may note that this feature might temporarily disappear.




Microsoft is constantly working on refining user experience and ironing out kinks. The latest build showcases a series of fixes:

  • Taskbar: A previous issue where dragging app icons in the taskbar could crash explorer.exe has been addressed.
  • Search on Taskbar: Tooltip mismatches when hovering over the search box have been rectified.
  • Dev Drive: A solution has been rolled out for an issue that prevented users from pasting a folder path when creating a new Dev Drive.


It's worth noting that some of these improvements may not just be limited to the Dev Channel but might find their way into the servicing updates for the fully released version of Windows 11.



Current Known Issues

As with any developmental update, there are a few issues that Microsoft is aware of and actively working to address:

  • File Explorer: Icons might appear as generic white pages on the desktop. Users could also encounter a progress wheel icon getting stuck in the File Explorer tab or face inconsistencies in the folder sort order.
  • Start Menu: Some apps, especially PWA apps installed via Microsoft Edge, might be mislabeled as a system component.
  • Input: A glitch has been spotted where Unicode Emoji 15 support, introduced in Windows 11 Build 23475, and the updated color font format with COLRv1 support from Build 23506, vanish after updating to Windows 11 Build 23531.
  • Windows Copilot: Several issues have been flagged with the Windows Copilot Preview. Notably, it is unavailable in certain regions, and users might find difficulties toggling back into Windows Copilot using Alt + Tab. Additionally, a notable crash with tabtip.exe is affecting some users' typing abilities.



Microsoft Store Update: An Enhanced Gaming Experience

In a notable update, Windows Insiders running version 22308.1401.x.x of the Microsoft Store or higher will be greeted with a revamped Game Pass page. This page is tailored to make it simpler for users to explore and subscribe to PC Game Pass or Game Pass Ultimate.


Gamers can dive into details about exclusive benefits, such as unique games, enticing deals, free perks, and access to EA Play. This feature emphasizes seamless discovery and engagement with favorite games, including Bethesda releases and Day One games.


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