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Microsoft Edge build 121.0.2220.3 is now rolling out to the insiders in the Dev channel. This latest update introduces a range of features, improvements, and fixes designed to make your browsing experience smoother and more feature-rich. Let's delve into the highlights of this release.


What's new and improved in Microsoft Edge build 121.0.2220.3?
Microsoft Edge build 121.0.2220.3


  • Added Features: Unveiling Exciting Enhancements
  • Improved Reliability: Stabilizing Your Browsing Experience
  • Changed Behavior: Evolving User Interactions



What's new and improved in Microsoft Edge build 121.0.2220.3?

Added Features

1. Video Translation and Captions in a Bubble Dialog

One of the standout features in this release is the implementation of a new feature that provides video translation and captions in a convenient bubble dialog. This addition enhances accessibility and makes it easier for users to enjoy multimedia content in their preferred language.


2. Launching Windows Copilot with Secondary AAD

Microsoft Edge now supports launching Windows Copilot with a secondary Azure Active Directory (AAD) when the primary account is not available. This is a practical enhancement for users with multiple accounts, offering more flexibility in managing their online identities.



3. Image Viewer with Basic Editing and AI Features

The browser now includes an Image Viewer, allowing users to view and edit images directly within Microsoft Edge. This feature comes equipped with basic editing tools and AI-powered features, making it a handy addition for users who frequently interact with images during their browsing sessions.


4. Tab Center Toolbar and Bottom Bar on Android

For Android users, Microsoft Edge brings a more streamlined interface with the addition of a tab center toolbar and bottom bar. This optimization is designed to enhance navigation and provide a more user-friendly experience on mobile devices.


5. Improved Copilot Experience on Mobile

On mobile devices, Copilot now features a close button when displayed in full screen, offering users a more intuitive way to manage and navigate the Copilot interface.



Improved Reliability

1. Resolving Tab Switching Crashes

A bug that caused the browser to crash when rapidly switching between tabs after auto-opening them has been addressed. This improvement contributes to a more stable and reliable browsing experience, preventing disruptions caused by tab-related crashes.


2. Enhanced Copilot Stability

Issues related to crashes with auto-grouping bubbles and the initialization of suggestions and tutorials have been fixed. The Copilot experience is now more stable and less prone to unexpected interruptions.


3. iOS Stability Fixes

On iOS devices, a crash that occurred when editing usernames in the password manager has been resolved, ensuring a smoother browsing experience for Apple users.



Changed Behavior

1. Restored Functionality for InPrivate Tabs

The functionality of reopening InPrivate tabs when the browser is relaunched has been restored, providing users with a more consistent and user-friendly experience.


2. Address Bar Coupon Text Display Fix

A bug preventing the 'Applying coupons' text from appearing in the address bar after clicking the 'Apply Coupon' button on the flyout has been fixed. This ensures that users receive clear feedback when applying coupons during their online shopping experiences.


3. Visual Bug Fixes

Various visual bugs, including broken text when selecting options under dislike in the 'Find on page' sidebar, and issues with the display of the "What's new" card in Copilot, have been addressed, improving the overall visual coherence of the browser.



4. Search Result Persistence

A bug causing search results to disappear when switching to other apps in the hub app store has been resolved, ensuring a more seamless transition between different applications.


5. Zooming Functionality Improvement

Zooming functionality for small Amazon images when using Ctrl + Hover has been fixed, providing a smoother and more reliable zooming experience for users.


6. WebView2 Shortcut Key Fix

A bug where the Command + N shortcut key created two windows in WebView2 has been addressed, streamlining the user experience for those utilizing this feature.


7. Android Copilot Chat Height Optimization

On Android devices in landscape mode, issues related to Copilot chat height have been resolved, contributing to a more polished and visually appealing browsing experience.



End Notes

In conclusion, Microsoft Edge build 121.0.2220.3 introduces a host of features and improvements that aim to enhance the overall browsing experience for users. From video translation and image editing to stability fixes and visual enhancements, this release reflects Microsoft's commitment to delivering a feature-rich and reliable web browser. Insiders in the Dev channel can enjoy these updates, and the broader user base can anticipate these enhancements in future stable releases.


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