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Microsoft continues its stride towards enhancing user experience and productivity with the release of Microsoft Edge Beta 124, now available as version 124.0.2478.10. Packed with a plethora of feature updates and policy changes, this update aims to streamline browsing experiences and bolster security measures for both individual users and enterprise environments. Let's delve into the key highlights of this release.


What's new and improved in Microsoft Edge Beta 124
Microsoft Edge Beta 124 (Version 124.0.2478.10)



  • Microsoft introduces Edge Beta 124 with version 124.0.2478.10, offering a range of updates for users and administrators.
  • Admins can now receive email notifications for extension requests through the Edge management service, facilitating prompt feedback responses.
  • First Run Experience (FRE) now provides users with updated profile options to reduce clutter and encourage meaningful profile creation.
  • New policies like CopilotCDPPageContext and CopilotPageContext offer admins more control, while the removal of Web SQL support aligns with enhanced security measures.



Feature Updates

Email Notifications for Extension Requests: Admins leveraging the Microsoft Edge management service can now receive email notifications for extension requests made by their users. This feature, currently in public preview, enables admins to promptly address user feedback and ensure seamless integration of extensions.


Enhanced Profile Management for EDU Users: Educational institutions utilizing Edge for Business will notice an updated default profile pill for users with EDU accounts. This tweak aims to tailor the browsing experience specifically for educational environments by labeling the default profile pill as "School".



Desktop Shortcut for Enterprise Devices: New Microsoft Enterprise devices undergoing Windows Out of Box Experience (OOBE) will automatically receive a Microsoft Edge desktop shortcut. This convenient addition eliminates the need for manual configuration, providing users with quick access to their browsers.


Improved Profile Options: To mitigate clutter and streamline the browsing experience, the First Run Experience (FRE) now offers updated profile options. Users are encouraged to sign in and create profiles meaningfully, reducing the likelihood of unintentional profile creation.


Policy Enhancements: Microsoft Edge Beta 124 introduces new policies like CopilotCDPPageContext and CopilotPageContext, offering admins more flexibility in customizing page context access across Copilot chats in the Edge sidebar. Additionally, deprecated and obsoleted policies have been removed to streamline policy management.



Settings Page Updates: The settings page in Edge has been revamped into two distinct sections: "Privacy and Security" and "Search and Services". This reorganization aims to simplify navigation and empower users to find relevant settings effortlessly.


Removal of Web SQL Support: Web SQL support has been fully removed in this release, aligning with changes in the Chromium project. This change enhances security measures within the browser environment.


Sidebar Tools App Addition: A SpeedTest answer has been added by default to the Tools app in the Microsoft Edge sidebar, providing users with quick access to network performance evaluation.



Enhanced Reauthentication Flyout: Users encountering Web single sign-on (SSO) failures will now experience an updated flyout, facilitating seamless account verification and sign-in.


Profile Management and Customization Controls: Profile management and customization controls have been enhanced, offering users an expanded range of default avatars and surfaced profile controls to tailor their browsing experience according to their preferences.


Policy Updates

Policy updates include the introduction of new policies like CopilotCDPPageContext and CopilotPageContext, along with the deprecation and obsoletion of several policies to streamline policy management and align with evolving security standards.



End Notes

In conclusion, Microsoft Edge Beta 124 brings forth a host of feature updates and policy changes aimed at enhancing user experience, bolstering security measures, and streamlining management capabilities for admins. With these advancements, Microsoft Edge continues to cement its position as a reliable and feature-rich browser for both individual and enterprise users alike.


Stay tuned for more updates and insights as Microsoft Edge evolves to meet the ever-changing needs of its users and administrators.


Disclaimer: Please note that some features mentioned may be subject to controlled feature rollouts, and users are encouraged to check for updates periodically.


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