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Microsoft Edge users have something to celebrate with the recent release of version 124.0.2478.67, which has now made its way to the stable release channel. Packed with a variety of updates and fixes, this latest iteration aims to provide an even smoother and more secure browsing experience for users.


One notable addition is the implementation of a user interface (UI) warning system designed to alert users to potentially risky content downloaded over HTTP. Let's take a deep look at the release notes.


Microsoft Edge Version 124.0.2478.67 - What's New and Improved
Microsoft Edge Version 124.0.2478.67



  • Microsoft Edge 124 introduces a UI warning for insecure downloads over HTTP.
  • Users receive alerts for potentially risky content, enhancing browsing safety.
  • Admins can test the feature's impact with the InsecureDownloadWarnings flag.
  • Fixes address unintended installation of components on Windows Server devices.
  • Admins gain email notifications for extension requests, streamlining management.



Insecure downloads over HTTP

In a move to make your web browsing more secure, Microsoft Edge 124 introduces a UI warning mechanism for users who attempt to download potentially hazardous content from HTTP sites. These warnings serve as a proactive measure, notifying users of the risks associated with such downloads.


For instance, if a user attempts to download a file named "sample.exe" from an insecure HTTP source, they will receive a prompt indicating that the file "can't be downloaded securely". Despite the warning, users retain the option to proceed with the download by selecting "Keep" from the downloaded item's menu.


However, it's essential to note that the rollout of this warning feature in Microsoft Edge 124 was unintentional. As a result, Microsoft has opted to revert the warning in this Stable Release. Nevertheless, administrators can utilize the InsecureDownloadWarnings feature flag to test the impact of this upcoming feature, providing valuable insights into its efficacy and user reception.



It's worth highlighting that the warning system is slated to be officially activated in Microsoft Edge version 127, indicating Microsoft's ongoing commitment to enhancing browser security.


In addition to security enhancements, Microsoft Edge 124 also brings about a series of fixes and feature updates aimed at optimizing the browsing experience. Notably, the update addresses the inadvertent installation of the "Microsoft chat provider for Copilot in Windows" component on Windows Server devices, rectifying an issue stemming from a previous Microsoft Edge update.


Moreover, administrators will appreciate the introduction of email notifications for extension requests within the Microsoft Edge management service. This new functionality empowers administrators to stay informed about extension requests initiated by their users, ensuring timely responses to pending requests and facilitating smoother management of browser extensions.



Overall, the latest release of Microsoft Edge underscores the company's ongoing efforts to prioritize user security and streamline administrative processes. With features like UI warnings for insecure downloads and enhanced admin capabilities, Microsoft Edge continues to evolve as a formidable contender in the realm of web browsers, promising users a safer and more efficient browsing experience.


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