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Microsoft has rolled out the Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26120.670 (KB5037869 Update) to Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel. This latest build introduces a series of changes and improvements aimed at enhancing the overall user experience. Here’s a detailed look at what’s included in this update.


What's new and improved in Windows 11 Build 26120.670 (KB5037869 Update)?
Windows 11 Build 26120.670 (KB5037869 Update)



  • File Explorer Fix: Restored missing Network Locations header in "This PC".
  • DNS Security Update: NSEC3 validation computation limit set to 1,000.
  • Authentication Traffic: Resolved increased NTLM traffic on domain controllers.
  • Update Installation: Fixed issues with incomplete Windows updates requiring multiple restarts.
  • VSM Scenarios: Addressed failures in VSM scenarios like VPN and Windows Hello.



Changes and Improvements

General Enhancements and Fixes

The KB5037869 update focuses on general improvements and bug fixes to ensure a smoother experience for users. Some of the key fixes and improvements include:


1. File Explorer Enhancement

Fixed an issue where the Network Locations header was missing in the "This PC" section of File Explorer. This enhancement improves navigation and accessibility within File Explorer, making it easier for users to locate network locations.


2. DNS Security Update

The update impacts the next secure record 3 (NSEC3) validation in a recursive resolver. The computation limit is now set to 1,000. One computation is equivalent to the validation of one label with one iteration. DNS Server Administrators have the option to modify the default number of computations. This change is critical for enhancing DNS security and performance.



3. NTLM Authentication Traffic

An issue that led to increased NTLM authentication traffic on domain controllers (DC) has been addressed. This fix is vital for maintaining efficient authentication processes and network security.


4. Update Installation Fix

The update resolves an issue affecting the completion of Windows updates, particularly when multiple restarts are required. This fix ensures a more reliable and seamless update process.


5. Virtual Secure Mode (VSM) Scenarios

Addressed an issue that could impact VSM scenarios, such as VPN, Windows Hello, Credential Guard, and Key Guard. This fix is important for the stability and functionality of security features within Windows 11.



Reminders for Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel

Insights into the Dev Channel

Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel are at the forefront of testing new features and improvements. Here are some important reminders for those participating in this channel:


1. Experimental Features

The Dev Channel includes features and experiences that may never be released to the general public. Microsoft uses this channel to test different concepts and gather feedback. Features may evolve, be removed, or replaced based on this feedback.


2. Control Feature Rollout Technology

Many features are rolled out using Control Feature Rollout technology. Initially, these features are available to a subset of Insiders, allowing Microsoft to monitor feedback before wider distribution. This phased approach ensures stability and user satisfaction.



3. Localization

Some features in active development may not be fully localized. Localization efforts continue as features are finalized. Users are encouraged to report any localization issues via the Feedback Hub to aid in this process.


4. Toggle for Latest Updates

Insiders who wish to receive features as soon as they are available can turn on the toggle for the latest updates via Settings > Windows Update. This setting increases the likelihood of receiving new features early.


5. Parallel Development Paths

The Dev and Beta Channels represent parallel development paths. Occasionally, features and experiences may appear in the Beta Channel before the Dev Channel. This ensures thorough testing across different environments.




The Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26120.670 (KB5037869 Update) brings essential fixes and improvements, enhancing the user experience for Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel. As always, Microsoft values the feedback from Insiders, which plays a crucial role in shaping the future of Windows. If you’re a Windows Insider, make sure to explore the new features and share your insights to help improve Windows 11 for everyone.


Stay tuned for more updates, and happy testing!


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