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Microsoft has rolled out a new update for the Edge Insiders in the Dev Channel. Version 127.0.2610.3 is now live, bringing a host of new features, reliability improvements, and behavior changes. This update aims to enhance your browsing experience by addressing various issues and introducing useful functionalities. Let's dive into the highlights of this release.


What's new and improved in Microsoft Edge Version 127.0.2610.3
Microsoft Edge Version 127.0.2610.3



Added Features

Icon and Tooltip for Inaccessible Settings

One of the notable additions in this update is a feature that includes an icon accompanied by a tooltip to clarify why certain settings are inaccessible. This small yet significant change aims to improve user understanding and navigation within the settings menu.


Improved Reliability

Browser Crash Fixes on Android

A significant fix in this update addresses a browser crash on Android devices. Users can now expect a more stable browsing experience on their mobile devices.


Organize Tabs Button Crash

The update resolves an issue where clicking the 'Organize tabs' button under the tabs action menu caused the browser to crash. This fix ensures smoother tab management.



URL Loading Crash

An issue causing the browser to crash when clicking the ‘Switch’ button while awaiting a URL to load has been fixed. This improvement enhances the overall reliability of the browser.


Captions Running Crash

A bug that led to the browser crashing when closed while captions were running has been resolved, ensuring a more seamless experience when using captions.


Last Tab Duplication Crash

The update addresses a bug that caused the browser to crash when duplicating the last tab in the tab strip through the tab group menu. Users can now duplicate tabs without encountering crashes.



Changed Behavior

Tooltip Appearance Over Hover Menu

A problem where the tooltip for the tab group header appeared over the hover menu has been resolved, providing a cleaner and more intuitive user interface.


Extension Details Display

An issue causing the extension’s updated details to display incorrectly on the detail page has been fixed, ensuring accurate information is shown.


Tab Group Drag and Drop

The update resolves an issue when dragging a tab group containing the active tab and dropping it onto another group, which previously resulted in multiple tabs being added to the group. This fix enhances tab group management.



Insufficient Spacing Between Tabs

A fix has been implemented to address the insufficient spacing between tabs and other buttons, improving the visual layout of the browser.


Mouse Gesture Behavior

An issue where the mouse gesture would close the entire tab instead of just the split-screen tab has been resolved, providing more precise control over tab actions.


Vertical Tabs View Alignment

The update corrects the alignment of the New Tab Button at the bottom of the vertical tabs view, ensuring it aligns correctly with other items.



Platform-Specific Fixes

Mac: 'Alt' Attribute Display

On macOS, an issue that resulted in the ‘alt’ attribute being incorrectly shown has been resolved, improving the browsing experience for Mac users.


iOS: Full-Page UI Disruption

A fix for iOS addresses a disruption in the full-page user interface where a gap appeared between the QR code and chat content. This ensures a smoother and more integrated user interface.


Android: Toolbar and Browsing Data Issues

On Android, the update resolves a problem that caused the toolbar to vanish when altering the display mode. Additionally, an issue where selecting ‘Delete browsing data’ would navigate back to the previous page has been fixed, enhancing the browsing experience on Android devices.



End Notes

The latest update for Microsoft Edge in the Dev Channel, version 127.0.2610.3, brings significant improvements and new features to enhance your browsing experience. From fixing crashes and bugs to improving the user interface and adding helpful features, this update ensures a more reliable and user-friendly browser. Be sure to update to the latest version to enjoy these enhancements and continue to provide feedback as an Edge Insider.


Stay tuned for more updates, and happy browsing!


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