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Online gambling is a favorite activity for most Poles. Gambling in Poland dates back to many years ago when it was not as improved and advanced as it is today. Poland is home to many online and land-based casinos, which attract many players from Poland and beyond.


What remains unknown to many people is that the gambling industry in Poland is mostly a monopoly that is owned only by the government. In simple terms, this means that a private online casino company cannot come and set up a business in Poland. Due to the monopoly in online casino operations, most online casinos prefer to play in online casinos with different remote jurisdictions.


Is it legal to Gamble with Bitcoin in Poland


Most online casinos in remote jurisdictions allow for cryptocurrency gambling, specifically Bitcoin Gambling. Bitcoin is among the first popular forms of cryptocurrency used in almost all countries of the world. Our expert Klara Czerwińska, seeks to address the big question: Is it legal to gamble with Bitcoin in Poland?


The Legality of Bitcoin in Poland

The legality of Bitcoin in Poland is one point of a heated debate between the government and the Polish people. Szymon Woźniak, who works as an official in the Ministry of Finance, has been quoted a couple of times stating that the Finance Ministry does not consider Bitcoin to be illegal in any way. Szymon Woźniak is also on record on the 18th of December at a seminar where he was attending, saying that Bitcoin is permitted since it is not forbidden; however, it is not necessarily legal.



The contradicting statements have been the source of a great debate as nobody knows whether Bitcoin use in Poland is legal or illegal. The Polish Financial Supervision Authority prepared an unofficial statement back in 2018 that sought to shed light on the use of cryptocurrency for trading activities in Poland. The ministry said that the Polish government does not have any regulations that prohibit exchange activities for cryptocurrencies or any other exchange function. The Finance Ministry concluded by saying that it did not view cryptocurrency gaming as illegal.


So, is it safe to use Bitcoin as a gambling cryptocurrency? The fact of the matter is that no government-related institution or private financial institution can control Bitcoin. It is, therefore, legal to gamble using Bitcoin in Polish online casinos. Bitcoin online casinos from distant jurisdictions have not banned Polish online casino players; hence you can play in any Bitcoin Casino. Several Bitcoin online gambling platforms operate in Poland and are recommended for Polish online casino players.



Advantages of Using Bitcoin For Gambling Transactions

Safety and Security

Bitcoin cryptocurrency uses blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is a technology for securing information and ensuring that your data is safe from unauthorized people like hackers. Blockchain information is stored in blocks distributed over numerous computer blocks, making it hard to hack the information. Unlike the use of other transaction methods which can be hacked, Bitcoin is a secure way that you can be sure of. Bitcoin information is also stored in ledgers which makes it easier for you to refer to.

Instant Transactions

Unlike other transactions methods that take ages to reflect, Bitcoin casinos are instant. A bitcoin transaction takes an average of 10 minutes to reflect, which is quite a short period as some transaction methods take days to reflect, making gambling harder. This means that Polish players can enjoy various games such as online blackjack without delays. Accessing Polish online blackjack sites that accept cryptocurrency is easy once you check reviews at black jack online na pieniądze.


Anonymity in Transactions

One of the interesting features of Bitcoin transactions is that they are anonymous. You may have noticed that other transaction methods require you to fill out your data which may be undesirable and unpleasant. Bitcoin transactions are discreet, which boosts anonymity when playing in Bitcoin online casinos. However, you must ensure that you follow the tips for selecting crypto casinos or else you end up in the hands of frauds.

Minimal Transaction Costs

Transaction methods like bank transfers always attract significant transaction fees. The costs are often a result of third parties, which take up a fraction of every transaction. On the other hand, Bitcoin focuses on peer-to-peer transactions that ensure zero transaction cost as there is no third-party involvement.

Easily Accessible

Bitcoin is easily and readily accessible. All that is needed to transfer Bitcoins is a phone and bitcoin wallet used as the store for your Bitcoins.


Bitcoin is legal and can be used in any gambling activity in Poland Online casinos.


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