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Safety is a key priority within your home and it is important to feel safe and at ease at all times in your property. Different types of electronic alarm systems indicate separate warnings and concerns; however, the purpose of these alarms is mainly to keep your household, and yourself safe.


They are undoubtedly very useful pieces of equipment to obtain. Continue reading as we discuss several types of alarm systems that you should have within your home and the benefits of investing in them.


What types of alarm systems should you have at home?


Fire alarms

Fire alarms are one of the most crucial types of alarm systems that should appear within your house or flat, and it is extremely uncommon for any household to be without one. They are designed to detect any signs of a fire and come in three forms including ionization, photoelectric, and combination alarms.


The first and most common detector, ionization is designed to respond to quick, fast flaming fires that portray little sign of large amounts of smoke. Whereas, photoelectric devices are designed to recognize fires with large clouds of smoke that produce a smoldering effect on the home.


Finally, combination alarms combine both forms of detection and are the ones that are recommended the most. Fire alarms provide the homeowner with immediate notice of a fire hazard allowing them to quickly and calmly exit the affected property.


It is important to note that the effect of fires including property damage, injuries, and most importantly fatalities are being taken more seriously within today's society. This has come after the awful tragedy that took place within the Grenfell Tower block of flats in 2017.



Due to these consequences, the Scottish government in particular has introduced new regulations that involve installing an interlinked fire alarm system within your home by Feb 1st, 2022.


These regulations must crucially be followed, and hiring a professional to assist with accurate installment is advised. Call a professional today to enquire about interlinked alarm systems.


Carbon monoxide detector

Under the new legislation, a carbon monoxide detector must also be present within any room that features carbon-fuelled appliances such as a boiler, fire, or heater. It is important to note that this does not need to be connected to the fire alarm however, it is required as carbon monoxide cannot be detected by sight or smell, and is highly dangerous if inhaled, even over a short period!


Burglar alarms

Burglar alarms are another one of the high-priority types of alarm systems. Intruder alarms do not only reduce the risk of break-ins but can also increase safety measures as you can rest assured that you have a higher chance of personal protection once the alarm has gone off.



The engineers at Titus Alarm and CCTV can also provide you with a mobile app that connects with your alarm and CCTV system, meaning that you can easily see through your cameras while on the go. This is a helpful feature, particularly if you travel regularly or work long hours out with your home.


After working extremely hard for your home and belongings, the last thing you would want is to lose these to a rightless act of violence, therefore it is vital to keep yourself covered with a burglar alarm installation.


Personal alarms

Personal alarms are especially important for the older generation, as these types of alarm systems most commonly can either be placed around an individual's neck or on their wrist for accessibility purposes. They offer a security blanket to those of an older age who may be prone to injuries or require extra assistance, and at the push of a button, support will be sent out.


These alarms can also be used by individuals out with the elderly category and may be purchased by those living alone with a disability, those with anxiety, or even women who feel unsafe within their area. It is always better to be safe than sorry, and if you believe that you would benefit from a personal alarm, it is always wise to secure one.



Ring front door camera

Although this device is not specifically considered an alarm system, it does indicate to you whenever someone approaches your front door, alarming you if there is anything concerning or worrying to look out for.


The video camera presents you with a view of your front door through an app on your smartphone. It presents you with a live video and a two-way talk system which is extremely beneficial if you have delivery drivers or guests arriving at your door when you are out with your home, as it is accessible wherever you are.


Alongside this, it can be connected with your at-home Alexa by indicating that someone is at your front door. What's not to love about this futuristic, modern camera/alarm system?


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