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Most often, when you arrive at college, you have the option to live in the dorm. Typically, this is the most obvious choice that won’t require extra money or effort from you. Still, renting your own apartment has a number of weighty benefits. First of all, renting an apartment provides students with a greater sense of independence. Gaining it can be an important step in their personal growth and development.


On top of that, living in a dorm can interfere with your studies. Dorm rooms are crowded and noisy. This can be fun sometimes. But when you have to run a productive session or write another paper, this can be incredibly distracting. Of course, you can use a trusted paper writing service to delegate your tasks and get high grades with ease. Still, the privacy you get living in an apartment is still worth a lot.


How Students Can Find an Apartment With Apps
Photo by Kate Darmody on Unsplash


These and other benefits often make students consider renting their own space. So the only question is how to do it in the most convenient and simple way. Read this guide to find the answer!



5 Apps to Use for Apartment Hunt

When you are determined to find a place to rent as a student, the first challenge you will face is where to start your search. Today, there are tons of websites that can help you with this matter. However, apps are much more convenient as they let you hunt for the best deals on the go.


Unfortunately, choosing the right app in such a huge variety can be a challenge too. So we made a list of the most trustworthy and convenient applications to help you get started:




Zillow is a popular real estate app that allows you to search for apartments and homes for rent. It offers a variety of filters to help you find the perfect place, including price, location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and more.

This app is also quite popular. It’s known for its large selection of offers and advanced filters that let you narrow down your search by different factors. It also enables you to set up alerts to be notified when new listings that match your filters pop up.

This is your next option. boasts a comprehensive database of rental properties with convenient filters. You can also view photos and floor plans of available apartments to find the best match.




This real estate app has been around for a while and gained a solid reputation. It will help you find perfect flats and even houses for rent according to your needs and requirements.



Finally, the last recommended app is HotPads. It is also incredibly popular among tenants and landlords, so it has a pretty broad database of listings. Just like other tools on this list, it also comes with a variety of filters to help you match listings to your expectations. And it also has convenient alerts for new properties that get posted.


How Students Can Find an Apartment With Apps
Photo by Steph Wilson on Unsplash



Finding Your Perfect Apartment With Apps: A Student’s Step-By-Step Guide With Tips

Finding an apartment can be overwhelming. Especially when you are a student who never had to deal with real estate before. Luckily, the apps we shared with you earlier make the whole process much simpler.


In order to help you achieve your goal with ease, here is a short guide with handy tips:


Step 1: Download the Right App

As we said earlier, the options are broad. Use our list of recommendations to pick the best applications for you and download them to your smartphone.


Pro tip: Don’t hunt for listings using only one resource. The more apps you will use, the broader your options will be!



Step 2: Define Your Requirements

This step is one of the most responsible and complicated ones. However, hunting for properties can be incredibly time-consuming when you don’t have any specific criteria in mind. So you have to take time and define what you are expecting from your future home.


Be sure to define the following criteria:

  • Location;
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms;
  • Required amenities, etc.


dditionally, take some time to research the market and define a specific price range that would meet your needs. All these details will help you make the search simpler yet more effective.



Step 3: Start Searching

Once ready, get on your apps, tweak the filters to match your preferences, and start looking for the right options. Scroll through listings and compare the available options to find your perfect home.


Here are a few tips to make this process easier:

  • Add the liked options to favorites so that you don’t lose them;
  • Set up notifications so that you don’t miss the best deals;
  • Be a little flexible with your filters to expand the number of options you have.


Step 4: Schedule Tours

Often, simply looking at the photos and descriptions isn’t enough to understand if a particular property matches your needs. Thus, when you find at least a couple of apartments that you’re interested in, don’t hesitate to schedule tours to view them in person. Many apps allow you to schedule tours directly through the app.



Step 5: Communicate With Landlords and Managers

Most applications meant for property hunting have a messaging feature to let potential tenants connect with landlords and property managers. Don’t hesitate to use this feature. Ask any questions you have about the apartment and its features. Also, be sure to mention that you’re a student when connecting with landlords.


Step 6: Sign a Contract

When you’ve compared all options, taken a few tours, and talked to landlords, you may already have one specific apartment that you want to rent. That’s the time to apply for it and sign a contract. Often, you can do this directly through the app. But be sure to have all the necessary documents and information ready before you apply.



The Bottom Line

Overall, renting an apartment can provide students with more freedom, privacy, and control over their living situation while also offering cost savings and access to amenities. It can even help you study better by eliminating external distractions. And the good news is that now you know how to become a tenant with ease.


Use the apps and tips from this article to find your perfect flat for your student years. Good luck!


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