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Developed in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, bitcoin is the name given to the virtual currency. Here, the transactions get recorded in the blockchain, which shows the transaction history for every unit and then proves the ownership. Unlike investing in the traditional currencies, you have seen so far, the government or central bank won’t back up bitcoin.


So, purchasing bitcoin is always different from purchasing a bond or a stock, as you can buy things with Bitcoin. It is mainly because bitcoin is not corporative. So, there won’t be any corporate balance sheets or the Form 10-Ks that you need to review right now.


Reasons Behind the Fluctuating Price Rate in Bitcoin


We know that the pricing of Bitcoin gets impacted by market fluctuations. It is also affected by the market's demand, its availability, and also while associating with the competing cryptocurrencies out there. There always remains a finite line of bitcoin. We know that Bitcoin halving takes place every four year, and it is expected to be complete by 2140.


Focusing on the market value right now

The bitcoin’s price will fall right in tandem with the globalized markets. When the COVID-19 pandemic throttled the globalized markets in March 2020, it took down the price range of Bitcoin with it.

  • Within that said space of the week in mid-March, bitcoin saw a downfall by 57% to the lows of around $3867.
  • Much like with the stock market, the bitcoin section recovered and then became stronger than ever by hitting all the highs of that following year.
  • As per some of the analysts out there, due to the extra spare time in hand and disposable income, some of the retail traders during this pandemic time put their hands in the buoyancy of the said stock market.



Reacting to some of the other markets

Apart from the points mentioned above, Bitcoin has reacted to other market stocks. It was in late 202q when bitcoin fell by around 6.9%. During that time, the traders feared that the Chinese real estate giant, Evergrande, was about to collapse. However, it has reacted to inflation positively and rising alongside the prices of consumer materials and goods.


No matter how much you try, you cannot jot down all the economic shocks that bitcoin was a part of. However, researching will help you come across multiple pieces of evidence to suggest that bitcoin will track down the global market to some extent.


The cost of production to determine the rate

Newer bitcoin tokens are now produced through mining. Mining involves using the power of a computer to verify the next block associated with the blockchain. You have decentralized mining networks, which will allow the cryptocurrency to work as it does. In exchange for that, the protocol will produce rewards in the form of tokens and any added fees paid by the exchanging parties to the said miners.

  • Verifying the blockchain will need computing powers. The participants will invest in the expensive electricity and equipment for mining bitcoin.
  • In such a “proof of work system,” there is high-end competition for certain mining coins. So, that makes the task a lot more difficult than before.
  • It is because miners are racing to solve complex math problems for verifying a block. So, the mining cost will increase as you need more powerful equipment for successful mining.



The supply chain to follow

The rule of demand and supply impacts the market price and so is the case with Bitcoin. A scarce asset will have higher rates. On the other hand, the asset available easily will have lower prices. Bitcoin’s current supply has been pretty swindling right from its inception. The cryptocurrency protocol will just allow the new bitcoins to be created at one fixed rate. This rate is then designed to just slow down with passing time.


Final thoughts

Focus on these points as mentioned above to determine if the bitcoin is currently going through an upper or lower price. The more you research; you will understand the fluctuating nature of the market for sure.


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