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The protection of cryptocurrencies is controversial because their security is the most specific point required by all investors to keep cryptocurrencies protected and wallets used. Bitcoin trading has never been this hassle-free with


Whether they are cold or hot means that they are kept safe in a hardware device independent of the constant connection to the Internet stored in any physical location of preference (hard), and the wallets that are always connected to the Internet are the most vulnerable to suffer any problem with your security.


Four vaults and the absolute trust in Bitcoin


They called themselves Bitcoin

To illustrate this point, it is worth mentioning the story of the Taihittu, a Dutch family of five who sold all their assets to invest in Bitcoins, when it was only worth $900 in 2017, hiding their hardware wallet in different countries forever, having his cold bag relatively close, according to some reports, the Taihuttu have two treasures in Europe, two in Asia, one in Latin America and one in Australia.


Also known as the Bitcoin family, they stated in an interview that their cryptocurrency fortune is kept safe in places as diverse as rental apartments, businesses, or friends' houses, where malicious individuals cannot quickly locate them.



Family members are clear that the decentralized features offered by the cryptocurrency market are simply the right ones for their families since they are responsible for managing and protecting their capital. It is not in the hands of third parties.


An indecipherable fortune

A fortune that has been created with sacrifice and timely strategies from the primary member of the family to the smallest, who have not disclosed the amount of money they managed to produce through cryptocurrencies, assuming that only a tiny equivalent percentage of a quarter of his fortune is kept warm, that is, exchange platforms.


The family considers this sum the risk management they deem appropriate to dispose of due to the fact that cryptocurrencies are volatile and in constant movement, indicating that the profits have been generated from the opportune use of the ups and downs of the market.



On the other hand, the fortune created based on the crypto market is kept in cold storage, where they have various digital assets, among which Bitcoin and Ethereum stand out because this type of hardware usually guarantees more excellent protection of their fortune from possible scams.



Although it can be inconvenient for anyone to have to move to be able to enter or withdraw funds in crypto assets, for this particular family, it is much more profitable to do so, as a result of which they store on all continents to be able to access them from anywhere.


Invest, Store, and Safeguard is the ideal strategy

This family is now only dedicated to safeguarding and multiplying their assets and enjoying their lives with all the benefits that being owners and administrators of their fortune offers them.



They acquired by making solid decisions regarding the detachment of their material assets without knowing what the benefits of that new investment they were risking would be. Still, Bitcoin was the best decision of their lives for them, providing them with economic and social stability. . , good profits, and a lot of profitability.


Taihuttu is an example to follow, cryptocurrencies are a project to be selected as a productive business, Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency to earn and your future expects you to make good decisions to be economically and financially prosperous.


There are more and more facts that promote and demonstrate that crypto investments are the ones that will move world trade since today they are used in most businesses and investments, and if it is about winning.




They are the best option that can be taken to invest and make a fortune; try your luck taking risks, it is a way that many have used, and it has gone great; if you support and have a stroke of luck, you can be like the Bitcoin family.


The possibilities in the world are many and the universe provides for everyone; you have to know how to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way; Life is only lived one day at a time.


It is not known if that day that you think is bad is the one that will allow you to change radically, including technological change and digital monetization, a market that makes a difference and prospects for surreal futures that no one ever imagined.


It is part of the great Bitcoin family that today is all over the world; that is, all investors can be considered like this, not just the Taihuttu.


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