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Call deflection is a strategy for temporarily reducing the number of inbound calls to a call center, contact center, or help desk by redirecting callers to digital or self-service channels. Inbound calls are typically diverted to lower-cost digital channels, freeing customer care workers and allowing for a more hands-off client experience.


Many consumers would rather solve problems on their own or more quickly than contact and chat with a live representative. They also have more control since they can turn to another station or make a phone call.


A Call Center Guide to Call Deflection


The problem is that many call centers don’t do call deflection right. For this reason, they don’t reap the benefits of this strategy. Below is a list that can guide you through effective call deflection.


1. Configure intelligent IVR to serve callers

Set up your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to take calls and service them before reaching a live representative. By decreasing the amount of labor that has to be done manually, businesses reduce wait times and boost customer satisfaction.


Create unique routing rules and use the IVR menu to direct customers to popular topics. You won't squander precious resources this way, and your employees will be able to focus more on client calls that demand in-depth expertise.



2. Optimize performance with workforce management tools

The strategies for call deflection begin with the necessary workforce management technologies, such as a dialer system to guarantee that your contact center is always ready to handle high call volumes.


Dialer systems increase contact rates by using smart algorithms to dial numbers in advance and select agents who will take the call. Choose a contact center system that interfaces with various labor-management platforms to streamline operations.


3. Monitor call volumes and ASA times

You may acquire insight into your contact center’s overall performance by checking on call volumes and average speed of answer (ASA) times. A dialer system will allow you to optimize customer care by monitoring ASA times, call volumes, and other vital KPIs.



For example, if it's Wednesday today, you may compare your contact center's performance to that of Wednesday last week. It is an excellent approach to guarantee you're on track and fulfilling your customer service goals until anything unusual occurs. It will also determine when to use call deflection methods.


Utilize call deflection strategically for better customer experience

Call deflection is frequently considered a cost-cutting tool for organizations. It is a significant advantage of call deflection. But nowadays, it's all about providing the best possible customer service.


It's all about giving agents the tools they need to handle customer support inquiries quickly and effectively while also ensuring that consumers are pleased with your service and receive the answers to their queries.



Your agents can obtain a number of tools to perform efficient call deflection techniques by moving to a sophisticated contact center solution like a dialer system. A dialer system simplifies interactions to give a support experience that customers will talk about.


Thanks to enhanced calling capabilities, business app connections, and unified support across channels.


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