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Traditionally, Baccarat is a card game played at casinos. It is usually the comparison of two hands referred to as the “banker” and the “player.” Each round in the game has only three possible outcomes in which one of the hands wins, or it becomes a tie. Baccarat is an exciting, intriguing, and simple game which you can repeatedly play without getting bored.


Thanks to the internet and other forms of gaming innovation, you don’t have to go to land-based casinos to enjoy the game. It has now become a possibility for you to engage in a game of Baccarat from the comfort of your home. You can visit for more information on online Baccarat games and apps compatible with your mobile device.


Is Card counting in Baccarat worth it?


There are different card games where card counting might be valuable, but in a game of Baccarat, it borders on being overly complicated and nearly useless.


Card counting is a skill that is better used in a game of Blackjack as you can determine who has the advantage in the next hand. The nature of baccarat is mainly dependent on luck as the game is almost decided before it starts. Some experts use card counting in Baccarat. However, it is unrealistic as the bets come before the game, so there is little or nothing you can do once the game starts.


Card Counting Effectiveness in Baccarat

In counting cards, you have to make massive use of your brainpower to memorize the number of cards handed out to know how many are remaining in the deck. The purpose of this is for you to have an idea of the approximate number of cards dealt. People who count cards in Baccarat usually divide the cards into value groups. All you need to do is focus on the five groups of values. This makes your card counting more accurate, as the figure you can come up with should be proportional to the number of decks. When this happens, it means an accurate count has been achieved.



Baccarat has to follow the odds because the more cards are dealt, the better your chances of estimating the cards left, and an opportunity to make a wager towards the end of the game can be advantageous. There is the possibility that a participant can make a wager with an edge over the house. This makes the player, banker, and the tie bets vulnerable.


Card counting works well for Blackjack because certain cards are favorable to the player and specific cards favor the dealer. This system doesn’t apply to Baccarat as no cards aid either of the hands. As such, card counting is not enough to guarantee a win. It is primarily based on intuition and luck, so the Baccarat game is fun and unpredictable.





Reasons Why Card Counting In Baccarat Is Not Worth It

  1. Symmetric Game: There are no cards that are advantageous to either hand, unlike Blackjack, where you can have a clear-cut understanding of the cards that are favorable to you. For example, if a baccarat natural (9 dealt on two cards) occurs, there is little or no reward for the occurrence, which takes away the thrill of counting cards, unlike Blackjack, which offers a bonus for such hand.
  2. Efficiency: Counting cards in Baccarat doesn’t necessarily increase the playing skills or effectiveness because the rules are fixed. The bets are made before the game, and there’s nothing you can do to improve the odds in your favor once the game starts.
  3. Reward: For Blackjack, the work involved in the card counting strategy is relatively proportional to the prize. In Baccarat, there’s little advantage to card counting and so much work. This is why the income of Blackjack counters and baccarat counters cannot be compared. There is a wide disparity in the reward for card counting in both games.
  4. Reduces the thrill: Baccarat, in its nature, is a game of chance and luck, and that’s how you genuinely enjoy and indulge yourself in its fascinating turns. When you add card counting to the mix, it would be hard to let go of the tension and enjoy the complete package of the game.
  5. Edge: Since the game of Baccarat is played from an 8-deck, the payout of the game in a round is low. It is a fixed odd game with a 50 percent or more chance of winning. Hence, you don't need to implement card counting into your strategy, as it will only suck the fun out of the game and still have minimal effect on the outcome.




In the end, it is a subjective matter of whether counting cards in a Baccarat game is helpful, but it is a fact that the rewards are nearly nothing when compared to the mental work it requires. Some might even go as far as calling it a ridiculous endeavor since it results in little rewards.


There is little gain in card counting in Baccarat because you have to focus hard on the cards and wait through hundreds of hands before seeing an opportunity. It is easier to wager based on intuition, as you will encounter less pressure and have more fun.


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