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Bonuses like 7slots casino no deposit bonus codes are there for a reason: to entice people to sign up and play the games. The casino operators do not offer bonuses to give free money. Instead, they provide players with rewards to get them started with playing and, hopefully, develop a habit.


Like all things in a casino, there is a science to these bonuses. Land-based casinos use psychology to lure gamblers. One thing you may have heard of in the past is that brick-and-mortar casinos have no windows and clocks, so players will not realize how long they have been inside.


The same thing goes with online casinos — they offer bonuses to lure customers. In this article, we will explore this a bit further to help you understand how the elements work here.



The Concept of Value

Most casinos offer what we call a deposit match bonus. Usually, the casino will match your deposit with 100% of its worth. For example, if you deposited $100, and the deposit match is 100%, the casino will give you an extra $100. This $100 is on top of your deposit, so now, you have a total of $200 in your bankroll.


Why do casinos do this? They understand the science behind consumer perceptions, especially when it comes to value. As the saying goes, “Price is what you pay, value is what you get”.


In this regard, the casino understands what goes on in a person’s mind. The consumer cannot let this opportunity pass — who would, right? To a gambler, they paid only $100, and yet they are getting $200 in value. Gamblers can use $200 to wager, and needless to say, $200 is worth more than the original that they put in.



The Concept of Easy Gratification

It is no secret that a vast majority of people want instant gratification. Casinos know the science behind it, and that is why they design bonuses to work that way.


How? By implementing these processes:

  • Sign up for an account;
  • Op-in for the bonus;
  • Make a deposit;
  • Get the bonus.


From here, the player can easily move forward to his goals and make bets. As you can see, an extra 100% or some 50 free spins provides the player instant gratification. Bonuses are like this — they give you something you did not work hard for, and all it takes is a few clicks to get extra cash.



The Concept of Easy Money

Gamblers play because they want easy money. In less than a minute, you can, at the very least, double your money. Casinos know that receiving income the easy way is a driving force in gamblers. They also know that many gamblers are a bit risk-averse.


The solution? Give players bonuses so they have a better reason to register to play and come back for more. Although casinos are risking money by giving free spins and free cash, they know that there is value in doing this.


Casinos know that they will win over the long term. As such, they can make financial sacrifices right now, knowing they will recover money later.



The Hidden Values of Casino Bonuses: What is in it for You?

So, what is in it for you as a player? Why should you sign up for bonuses? Below are a few benefits:

  • More money in the bankroll – obviously, you have more money in your bankroll if you sign up for a bonus. Some casinos do not just offer a 100% deposit match. Some would even go as high as 250%. It means that if you deposit $100, the casino will give you an extra $250.
  • Recover your losses – the typical process in a bonus is that you use up your deposit first. Once that money is gone, or you lost it all, only then can you use the bonus money. Since you have bonus funds, you can recover what you have lost.
  • More chances to win – more money means you can wager more times. If you double your bankroll because of a bonus, it simply means you can bet over and over again, thus improving your chances of landing that sweet jackpot.



As you can see, the casino bonus is a win-win situation or approach for both the casino operator and the gambler. Truly, casinos put a lot of effort into it, making sure that both parties would benefit.


Casinos are there to earn money. If you think about it, they do not have a product from which they can earn profit. They do not offer a service, either. The income they get solely comes from what players lose.


No players, no earnings. Because of the nature of the business model, casinos want players to be consistently engaged. It means that the players must keep playing, and as they do, the casino has a higher likelihood of making money.


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