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Do you play slots, video poker, or blackjack? If so, have you ever felt uneasy about your slot machine strategy? Do you dread the day that a fellow gambler beats you at blackjack? Have you wondered why some gamblers always seem to win in casinos while others struggle? If so, this informative article should hold many answers.


Casino Secrets: What they don't want you to know


Here are the top tips casinos don't want you to know:


1) Casinos understand the odds

Believe it or not, casinos know their odds. Their computerized blackjack tables calculate probabilities constantly with the help of an algorithm. So the casino will know the odds each player's hand has of winning.


2) It's all about money

The bottom line is that casinos are businesses that exist to make money. The house edge is simply a cost of doing business. Casinos don't want their clients to lose money to the point where they will never be back, so they do what they can to create a comfortable player environment. High roller casinos will target those with a higher disposable income because of the chances they have.



3) They know what you're thinking

Casinos use surveillance cameras to keep track of player reactions and behavior. They also make a note of the average amounts bet by each player. The casinos do this because they know when a customer shows an unusual winning pattern that coincides with something they had planned to do (i.e., play video poker before going on a shopping spree). Casinos also know that players know that the house is trying to gain an advantage, so they increase their surveillance even more.


4) You may be playing the wrong game

If you don't know anything about video poker, then you're probably not playing it correctly. The video poker strategy is highly detailed and complicated, but if you take the time to learn it, your chances of winning increase dramatically. On average, video poker players have the edge over blackjack players by slightly less than 1%.



5) If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is

Although most gamblers want to believe that they can find a system for beating casinos, there is no valid method for doing so. Instead, casinos use math and statistics to find player weaknesses. Casinos have many strategies in place to ensure that the casino remains profitable.


6) If you keep playing, the house wins

This may seem obvious, but many players actually overlook it. If you keep playing, you will eventually lose more money than you win. Although losing is an excellent way to learn casino tricks, it's also hard on one's self-esteem and pocket.



Above all, casinos are businesses. They exist to make money, and they have no morals or ethics. This includes the high-roller gamblers with deep pockets who expect to be treated like royalty at the casino. These people are simply looking for an entertaining experience; when they lose, it will be their fault.


All this being said, casinos try their hardest to ensure each player has a good time while doing business.


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