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Though Canada is one of those countries with grey areas and limited casinos, gambling is quite popular here. Most physical casinos are located in Alberta, Quebec, and British Columbia. Still, with the increase in technology, most of the best online casinos also receive many signups from Canadians.


Canada makes a profit of about $13 billion yearly from casinos, and the top casino online in Canada is behind this revenue. With more Canadians indulging in online gambling, many new trends and features are constantly popping up.


Trends You Would Love to Follow in Сasinos of Canada


The steady release of new trends, live casino products, exciting advancements, and features have also led to a corresponding rise in the gambling industry statistics. In this article, we look at some of the trends you would love to follow in Canada’s casinos.



The Move Toward Online Betting

In 2020, the gambling industry was hit due to the forced closures of physical casinos because of Covid-19. The year 2020 saw a decrease in revenue as a result of losses. However, now the number is significantly higher due to the online casino industry.


With the pandemic and the world on lockdown, Canadian players frequented online gaming apps and sites, and there was an increase in the release of some top new best online casino games. So, most Canadian gamblers are now moving to online casinos and betting. Some of the features and trends in the world of online gambling include the following:



Bigger Bonuses and Rewards

A casino trend these days is to offer better offers to beat the competition. With the influx of several influential sites, each tries to outdo the other by offering a no-deposit bonus for free play. Some sites offer free spins, while others may offer free real money or points that you can use in playing.


Other bonuses you may likely come across include risk-free bonuses, no deposit bonus, and more. So, if you’re interested in choosing the trusted best online casino, you should check newcasinos-ca reviews and choose the best payout online casino in Canada, among several others.


Trends You Would Love to Follow in Сasinos of Canada


Live Dealer Casino Games and New Releases

Live sessions for casino games or dealer games like poker aren’t new, but with technological advancements, they have become more important and are trending. Most of these gambling games are offered the same way physically located casinos offer them, so players getting the same is not a better gaming experience.


In the coming months and years, we can expect to see more popularity of these live session games among Canadians. These will invariably lead to greater revenue share. With industries struggling to make new breaks and updates, casino houses are not left out as they continually push to release new titles in the new year. These refer to new online games, live dealer games, VR casinos, mobile slots, online slots, and many more.



Reduction in Physical Casinos

With the increase in online games, physically located casinos have steadily declined. This is especially true because most of these brick-and-mortar casinos require people to make an effort at these locations. The amount of money a player would have to spend on transportation fare to play a game can be better used for bets.


Besides that, gambling sites avail players with more convenience and the privacy of playing in the comfort of their homes. Also, they offer a vibrant gaming experience with more game options for players to choose from.


Because experts create these games in software and game development, they receive steady updates so clients can enjoy a better experience. Physical casinos can’t offer this.


Canadians love to have fun and follow anything that sounds like entertainment and a good time. Younger people are attracted to free slot games and are better at them because of their experience with video games and many upgrades and advancements.


So, most gaming casinos are introducing online slot machines with slight upgrades to keep the younger clientele hooked.



The Rise in eSports Betting

Esports games have received a wide range of attention from Canadians and people of other nations. An increasing number of people are becoming more interested in Esports than traditional sports games. Most of them love to place bets on competitions, tournaments, and matches. Some of the games Esports bettors gamble money on include:

  • Overwatch
  • League of Legends
  • PuBG
  • Valorant
  • Fortnite


In no time, the population of players who favour esports will match those of major sports like football. Therefore, it is no surprise that most gambling sites include it in their offer.



Virtual Reality Advancements (VR) and Cryptocurrency Opportunities

Virtual reality has the ability to take not only the playing but the whole entertainment experience to a higher level. Imagine watching your favourite films in virtual reality! However, it is a quite expensive technology, and it isn’t fully mainstream yet.


However, we hope things will change in the nearest future. Currently, the gambling industry is investing money in developing virtual reality casinos. Very soon, gamblers can enjoy VR betting sessions from the comfort of their homes. Some software providers are already providing this for Canadians, and they relish it.


Trends You Would Love to Follow in Сasinos of Canada


Another trending wave now is the rise in dollar deposit casinos accepting payment in the form of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Aside from this, most casinos have turned into solo crypto casinos. Some of these casinos which accept cryptocurrency also provide incentives by offering bonuses to users.


The best part of this advancement is that it promotes instant payment and eradicates trust issues between players and operators. Players prefer this method because it’s secure, fast, and anonymous.



A Shift in the Promotion of Gambling

One of the biggest trends in 2022 is the process of legalisation and regulation of gambling. In April 2022, Ontario started offering legalised online gambling. The whole process of registration and legislature doesn’t just affect the operator, but it also includes a focus on problem gambling.


Nowadays, casinos are promoting themselves by providing tips to equip their players. The implementation of gaming tools and the inclusion of advertising tools and age restrictions to help users limit their gambling activities or self-exclude from certain promotions and games. A couple of these online gambling tools are:

  • Time restriction and deposit limits;
  • Age limits and restrictions from susceptible categories;
  • Breaks and self-exclusions;
  • Bankroll management practices;
  • Ad setting, which allows you to curb gambling sites from delivering marketing messages.



Extra Security Features

Data breach is one of the ills of the internet, as most web-based betting sites are susceptible to cyberattacks. These hacks could cause monetary loss and data loss. However, Canada has discovered ways to handle this problem by using security features like artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect fraud.


Casinos in Canada now include security features like 2FA and KYC verifications. This means most gamblers are now endeared to online casinos as they see them as a safe environment.



Adaptation of Online Gambling to Wearable Tech Devices

The major ways players access online gambling is majorly through their tablets and smartphones. However, game developers are now devising means to make these games accessible through smartwatches. With rising technology, smartwatches will gain popularity with new and updated online gambling games.


Currently, many online casinos are accessible through Android Wear, but game developers are still working on designing casino games that can be played on other wearable tech devices.



New Table Games and the Rapidly Changing Habits of Consumers

Casino operators always bid to introduce new games to the gambling floor, test run and see which becomes the crowd’s favourite. They do this because blackjack and poker (traditional games) require mastery for one to win real money easily.


However, not everyone is a master at these games, so they are always on the lookout for other games that are challenging but easier to learn. So as players become familiar with the newly introduced games, they become drawn to the same type of games similar to what they’ve been introduced to, keeping them glued to the casino floor.


With more people switching to their phones for online gambling, more developers are steadily releasing new game products for players. These products are F2P (free-to-play). They are popular and may offer a player a free casino bonus or no deposit bonus to start. They can be a source of revenue in the following ways:

  • Players have to upgrade to access certain features by paying a small amount.
  • Players may have to buy game products or other virtual offerings to increase their gaming experience.


This indicates how much people are willing to pay for entertainment and that even though something is labelled free, it’s not necessarily free. So, casino operators leverage this data and tap into it to boost revenue because these F2P players are potential clients.



Social Gambling vs Skill-Based Gambling

Canadians love to have a good time and take every opportunity for entertainment. In the gambling industry, one such entertainment trend is social gambling. This is mostly done for fun and not for money, as it’s common among friends online.


There are gambling apps and websites which offer this. So basically, social gambling is an activity between individuals in a social gathering such as a party or a sitting room. It could also take place online or in person.


Trends You Would Love to Follow in Сasinos of Canada


To make it more interesting, most people use it to make real money bets, especially for online social gambling, where individuals set up accounts and make wagers. In skill-based gambling, however, the outcome of a game is based on the player's skill rather than luck or chance. Some examples of these games are:

  • Call of Duty
  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Backgammon



In this type of gambling, the chances of one winning depend on their ability to make the right decisions. The edge the casino house has is usually lower than in a game of chance. For example, in poker, the players compete with each other rather than with the house, so the chances of winning are higher.


Also, in a video game (a first-person shooter game), the players who are good aimers and shooters may end up winning and withdrawing more than those who can’t.


More and more of these games are gaining popularity online, with more players trying out games like poker or esports games like Fortnite and Call of Duty. Friends may also participate in online gambling wagers among themselves. The table below shows major differences between social gambling and skill-based gambling:


Social-based gambling
Skill-based gambling
Skills do not matter in this type of gambling.
It’s based on the player's skills.
Usually happens between friends.
Competitors may know or know themselves.
Some examples include Mobwars and Farmville.
Some examples include Call of Duty and Poker.




As observed, most of the trends taking over the gambling industry are technology. As we advance into the future, we expect to see more advances that will change how we play online and physical casino games. Countries are adopting these latest trends in gambling, and Canada, a gambling hub, is rapidly adopting the same trends.


Adopting these trends would make the gambling experience more authentic and fun for the random player out there. We expect to see even more innovative trends that will make gambling even more popular in the years to come. What these trends are, only time will tell.


For now, we can sit back and enjoy the ride as the gambling industry continues to grow and evolve.


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