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"Poetry made the world bearable, but it was technology that took us to the moon”- This quote from the 2023 film 'Air' emphasizes the significance of technology in allowing mankind to take the quantum leap into a world of possibilities and innovations.


We would be back in the dark ages if it were not for technology. Therefore, it is important to remember that everyone requires technology to thrive, and learning to code can help you become a part of the technologically evolved civilization that is nearing its pinnacle of achievement. In today's world, coding is more than simply a professional ability that can guarantee a rewarding career; it is also a life skill that encourages creativity and interpersonal skills and influences our thought processes.


As Steve Jobs rightly put it, “Everyone should know how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think!



Furthermore, because of the rapid growth of the internet and digitization, there is a strong demand for skilled and experienced coders, also known as software programmers and software developers, to meet the expanding demand. Coding is a versatile and ever-expanding sector with opportunities for every skill set and aptitude level, ranging from mobile and web application development to data analysis, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing.



So, if you want to learn coding without investing a very significant amount of time and money by going through a bachelor's or master's program in coding, this article is for you. Enrolling in coding boot camp is a fast-track way that will equip you with advanced knowledge and coding skillsets in a short period of time through their intensive training programs.


In this article, we will understand why attending a top coding boot camp is a sure-fire method to start a career in technology, as well as provide information about the best coding bootcamp programs for 2023.



What is a coding bootcamp?

Coding bootcamps are intensive training programs that teach advanced knowledge and job-ready skillsets in a condensed style, allowing for a smooth transition into a job as a programmer. It is ideal for anyone who wants to pivot and switch careers coding, or for professionals who want to broaden their skill set without committing years to get a degree in code.


These bootcamps provide a mix of academic and practical knowledge and are built around a well-structured curriculum that meets industry standards. Enrolling in an online coding boot camp is worth the money because it focuses on improving students' technical aptitude through involvement in real-world industrial projects. Additionally, it provides comprehensive professional development that is valued by the major players in the business world.



Why coding bootcamps can help you prepare for the job market?

A coding bootcamp is a fantastic way to honor three most important aspects in one’s life: time, money, and effort. It is the best approach for someone with no programming experience to have a taste of the best of both worlds, namely learning the theoretical foundation of web development as well as gaining practical competence by staying abreast of current industry trends by working on real-world industry projects. As a result, one can acquire firsthand knowledge of programming without being tossed in at the deep end.


Since boot camps use an asynchronous learning style, you can access lectures and complete assignments on your own time schedule within a specific time frame. Furthermore, coding boot camps place a major emphasis on building job-ready skills and overall professional development by providing a number of specialties such as cybersecurity and user interface design, hence increasing your employment possibilities.


It is important to consider elements like program fees, ROI, partner universities with which the program is affiliated, job placement assistance, hiring companies, self-paced study alternatives, and multiple payment plans when thinking about a coding boot camp.



What jobs are available after completing a coding bootcamp?

After the successful completion of a coding bootcamp, freshers can qualify for entry-level tech careers and work their way up by gaining more advanced certifications. Experienced IT professionals can join the workforce in the capacity of software engineers, information technology (IT) consultant, a senior software engineer, a software developer, a web developer, a team leader (IT), associate software engineer, or software engineer/developer/programmer, etc.


Moreover, choosing a coding boot camp program with a job placement assistance will not only help you build the work-ready abilities required to transition from an amateur to a specialist, but it will also help you secure a profession in the coding industry. Many boot camps also provide additional career services, such as assistance with resumes, career counseling, interview preparation, and networking opportunities.



Best coding bootcamps of 2023

1. Caltech coding Bootcamp

Caltech, or the California Institute of Technology, is a well-known name in the academic world. An amazing coding bootcamp curriculum is provided by a pioneer institute that is home to Nobel laureates and the world's most prominent smart diaspora. The Caltech coding boot camp is available on the Simplilearn digital platform and has been ranked as the number one coding boot camp by Career Karma.

  • Duration: 6 months
  • Mode of study: Online Self-Paced Learning
  • Skills covered: Agile, Javascript, HTML and CSS, Angular, MongoDB, Maven, Spring
  • Tools covered: Angular, Docker, cucumber, Jenkins, Maven, Git, JUnit 5, Amazon EC2, MySQL, AWS and more.
  • Industry projects: Projects in Food Delivery Industry, Entertainment Industry, Healthcare Industry, Travel Industry
  • Career support: 1 to 1 resume sessions, Access to 3M+ jobs via a network of 1500+ recruiters (US only), Build your own Git portfolio
  • Hiring companies: Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Netflix, IBM, LinkedIn, Adobe, Oracle
  • Job guarantee: The program offers a 100 % placement program, with many qualified alumni finding employment in the field of technology within six months after graduation



The program is simple to grasp for beginners, and you may master both front-end and back-end Java technologies thanks to its well-organized curriculum.


As a result of the rigorous training platform of an interactive boot camp environment where you are mentored by Caltech CTME faculty who are subject matter experts, the coding boot camp transforms you into a software engineer with industry-ready skills ready to take on any challenges.


Toward the end of the boot camp, you will be working on an important capstone project that will help you produce a portfolio that will showcase your skills to a broad audience, including potential employers.



2. Post Graduate Program in Full Stack Web Development

The Post Graduate Program in Fullstack Web Development , which is provided in partnership with Caltech CTME and designed to help you quickly advance in your career as a software developer, is another outstanding coding bootcamp program offered by Simplilearn.

  • Duration: 11 Months at 10-15 hours/week
  • Mode of study: Online bootcamp format
  • Skills covered: Agile, Java, Javascript, HTML and CSS, Angular, MongoDB, Maven, JSP, Spring, cucumber, ReactJS, Core Java, SQL and more
  • Tools covered: Docker, Jenkins, Git Hub, MySQL, AWS, Node.
  • Industry projects: Projects in Food Delivery Industry, Entertainment Industry, Healthcare Industry, Travel Industry
  • Career support: Assistance in interview preparation, Resume & LinkedIn profile building, 1:1 mentoring & mock interview sessions, career guidance on job search strategy, and exclusive Job Portal access to land your dream job.



3. .NET programming

.NET, a free, open-source, and cross-platform development platform, may be used to create applications for online and mobile, desktop, gaming, and IoT utilizing a variety of languages, editors, and libraries. Simplilearn's.NET programming certification course is jam-packed with hands-on activities and real-world case studies that will teach you the fundamentals of.NET programming.

  • Duration: 6 months
  • Mode of study: self-paced learning
  • Skills covered: Visual Studio primer, Visual Studio integrated development environment, ASPNET development, WinForms, .NET procedures
  • 100% money-back guarantee



Now that you possess sufficient information about the various online coding bootcamp, you may want to check out on a few options and determine which bootcamp is ideal for you. Click on the link given in the introduction of the article and learn more about the bestcoding bootcamp.


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