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As is known, the Metaverse is a technical proposal that has attracted a lot of attention from large companies in the technology sector; in turn, many network users are waiting for the results of such creation. When selecting a reputed platform for trading, individuals must use


We have seen the evolution of the traditional market to a much more digital model, where the independence of organizations has been promoted from any level of the company.


Essential technologies to create a successful metaverse


The infrastructure of the Metaverse

Creating the Metaverse is challenging; therefore, it is expected that various technology companies can reach agreements to merge existing technologies and generate a quality digital product.


The millions of dollars invested in what will be the Metaverse demonstrate the advantages, not only social but also financial and economical that this technological advance will bring to all parties involved, managing to capitalize even more brands and generating income among users and organizations.



The main elements that companies that develop platforms and content for the Metaverse must consider are the following: knowing if the Metaverse to be designed has the desired performance and according to current technology, scalability, a stable network, and, of course, security that generates confidence in its users.


One of the leading suggestions for the creators of the virtual worlds of the Metaverse is that they should design such platforms with sufficiently scalable and reliable edge-based computing technology.


This requirement will be essential for making the most of the resources that this new technological proposal will offer, which will surely bring together thousands of users simultaneously, and the stability of said platform must be optimal to support the endless requirements that the users will execute participants.



The wireless connectivity of this technology must be based on on-prem type servers or anchored to the cloud, in addition to the possibility of using the infrastructure offered by wired and wireless networks that guarantee high speed and data capacity information processing.


The protagonists will be Virtual and Augmented Reality

When discussing the impact of the Metaverse and the way it will develop, it is inevitable to think about what virtual Reality is and the similarity of the metaverse proposal with what is already known as VR.


Despite this link, we are aware that to enter these worlds is essential to have devices that allow these experiences to be much more accurate, and that is where augmented Reality is involved.



The possibility that the physical and the digital be combined so that the senses and sensations are much more accurate opens the doors to the creation of technologies such as optical navigation with the fingers and the devices that will cross the barrier physically, and it is there where significant profits are expected.


AR and VR will be the protagonists of this Metaverse; consequently, the first steps will be taken through the visual field that is produced through computer equipment, where the graphics must contain high levels of photorealism and data transmission in significant proportion.


Necessary technologies in the Metaverse

As indicated above, the Metaverse will be established in terms of Virtual and Augmented Reality, both technologies responsible for transmitting an immersive and attractive 3D experience, since they will be the gateway to the Metaverse.



Artificial intelligence would be another technology to consider when creating the Metaverse. For a few years, this technological tool has been applied in various real-life areas, from companies' strategic planning to medical procedures.


On the other hand, we find the technology linked to the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, which will allow the decentralization of the Metaverse and the finances that, arise within it. However, the security of the content and data generated in these worlds is still being debated virtually.


The Internet of Things (IoT) will be in charge of collecting information from physical Reality to be entered into the Metaverse and to be able to guarantee scenarios that are as real as possible.




The growth of the internet may be the benchmark case for people who are just beginning to digest the idea that virtual worlds could control Reality or perhaps immerse people in an environment that allows them to develop at various levels of daily life.


It may sound like science fiction, but we are in a world that changes in thousandths of a second. It is there where the main actors take advantage of the opportunities, even if they are minimal; to create what is possibly the digital future.


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