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WoW classic is a logical step on the part of the developers from Blizzard, since the chronicles of the Lich King are a thing of the past, but that atmosphere is still close to many players who will not accept any other updates except those that fall on their active gameplay.


WOTLK is one of the most popular updates for World of Warcraft, in principle due to the hardcore component, the high importance of all resources and the role of the group for the successful pumping and implementation of PVP.



What to do in WoW classic, how to earn coins and are there any ways other than buy wotlk gold.





Don't underestimate quests and their role in obtaining gold to purchase important pieces of armor and weapons. In a project like WoW Classic, any strengthening of the hero will bring invaluable benefits.


Quests allow you to consistently receive an increase in experience and gold and clearly know the quantity and quality of money that you will receive in almost exact quantities down to the coin.


The stability due to the main and secondary quests is comparable only to the purchase of wow wotlk classic gold.





In projects where leveling proceeds at a tiny pace and all monsters are difficult to kill, and each character spends a lot of time moving from one level to another, then each weapon and armor has a high value and can be worn at more than one level.


The easiest one in terms of investment may be a profession that will allow you to earn gold and strengthen your hero.


To save wow classic gold you need to understand which profession is best suited for your hero and begin to accumulate resources for production and gradually prepare equipment for yourself and then start selling everything that remains or was made specifically for additional gold earnings.


Combinations of professions for your heroes that can replace buy wow wotlk classic gold.



1. Herbalism and alchemy

You can collect all types of herbs and plants that you come across in the territories of Azeroth and use them in the production of potions, or for sale to other alchemists.


Alchemy will help you produce enhancing potions that increase the parameters of your hero, or attack, or remove limiting effects.


This development will help you with personal support in raids and simply during hunting, and all the excess and unnecessary things in bottles can be sold to other players for wotlk classic gold.



2. Skinning and leatherworking

If you buy a cutting knife in any major city in a timely manner, skinning during hunting will be available to you. Hides can and should be processed and turned into hides for the production of leather armor. If you play as an archer, dagger, shaman. Then you will be able to produce your own equipment.


If earlier you buy wow classic gold to collect equipment for yourself, now you can create everything yourself, and then even regularly sell leather armor and earn a lot of gold.



3. Mining and blacksmithing

You will need a pickaxe and frequent grinding in areas with mountainous terrain. Just take into account all the points with a drawn pickaxe on the mini-map to find mining points.


You will be able to get ores and gems randomly. All resources can be smelted into steel ingots, or used to cut jewelry for blacksmiths and jewelers.


This is one of the most profitable combinations for earning wow wotlk gold.


Blacksmiths produce the heavy armor needed by tanking heroes and steel weapons for most classes.


This means that if you are not playing as an archer or mage, then you are more likely to be able to make your own weapons.


Precious stones can be sold to jewelers, or you can become one of them yourself - jewelry makers can process such stones and give them special properties that can be inserted into sockets and enhance any equipment.



4. Jewelry

Since magical defense plays a key role in countering attacking wizards and a large number of negative effects. Many players will not pay attention to this due to the small number of coins at the beginning of the game, unless one of them buy wow wotlk gold, and when they start to seriously engage in jewelry, they will already have enough gold to pay for your services, which can be, and you need to earn money.



5. Engineering

Master Engineer has a special value for the WoW classic version due to the hardcore component and the value of any unit of damage.


You will be able to craft turrets and install additional weapons for all professions.


For example, an additional rocket launcher, which is installed on an iron glove and can independently attack enemies at intervals of 20 seconds.



6. Fishing and cooking

The most interesting combination of professions, which practically does not require buy wotlk gold, but at the same time is quite in demand among all raid fans and players who are looking for power-ups.


Fishing requires a fishing rod and will give you the opportunity to fish in literally any body of water and get two types of fish - ordinary, edible, and special, which is ground into reagents for alchemy and inscription.


Cooking will help you prepare dishes from fish and meat that are obtained from monsters and increase your basic characteristics by eating food. In the future, the quality of dishes will increase, and the hero will receive a noticeable boost for 6 hours, which can also be sold to other players.



A good cook prepares full-fledged feasts that provide buffs to entire groups, which is especially useful when completing Mythic raids. Large guilds always try to keep culinary specialists in their ranks, but even simply selling delicious dishes will help you earn gold, as will selling fish and reagents.


When you have developed a combination of professions for collecting resources and direct production, you will be able to earn pure gold simply by farming the necessary materials, crafting the most relevant items or weapons and putting them up at the point of sale and waiting for other players to buy them.



Sell all excess resources

In the process of hunting, you will obtain fragments to create armor and weapons, resources that can only be obtained from monsters and not through special professions - for example, fabric. For the future profession of a tailor, you will need a lot of it, and ready-made magical robes will be used by healers and magicians. All such materials are especially valuable for artisans, and they can and should sell such resources to earn gold, especially if you are not going to engage in this profession yourself.


Fortunately, you won’t have any problems with resources in World of Warcraft - the locations are literally bursting with various items and everything can be sold either to players, or simply handed over to NPCs for, albeit a smaller amount, but gold in principle.


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