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Gaming has changed from being a recreational activity to a competitive sport. Professional competitive gaming, or eSports, has developed into a booming industry. Arenas that are full, devoted following, sponsorships, and even a potential Olympic debut are all possibilities.


It is evident that eSports will only grow more and shows no signs of slowing down. Hence, if you feel comfortable participating in this worldwide phenomenon and are interested in the blunders beginners should avoid, this article is for you.


The Most Common Blunders People Make When They First Enter Esports
The Most Common Blunders People Make When They First Enter Esports


1. Not having the right gear

You must, first and foremost, have the proper gear before signing up for a platform like PlayGrid. If not, you're setting yourself up for an unneeded struggle that won't contribute anything to your game. There is a ton of advice about the finest CPUs, GPUs, and other computer hardware available.


Your setup must be adequate before it stops preventing you from moving forward. Although you'll need quality gear, you shouldn't daydream about the ideal setup. Investing money in the latest gaming computer will hold you back. It's simple to fall into the trap of believing that your current gaming setup is inadequate and that it will impede you more than a poor internet connection ever could.



2. Ignoring using trackers

There are a ton of trackers available, and each one has a ton to offer. All those hours spent practicing will go to waste if you're not continuously monitoring your numbers and determining where you have to improve next.


A tracker is unquestionably the finest way to practice actively rather than passively, which is what you need to do. It's also a good idea to seek a tracker that offers incentives to keep you motivated or one to which you can add tasks to mix up your routine.



3. Imagining the grind stopping

The grind is relentless, so stop playing if you don't love the game. You should constantly be attempting new things, working long hours, and looking for methods to get better at what you do (with that tracker).


You won't stay in the scene for long if you stick to one style of play, character, or technique. It's essential to develop this mindset of constant improvement from the beginning by utilizing your tracker to identify gaps in your play and by trying out some novel strategies.



4. Having zero fun

Games are designed to be fun; therefore, if you stop enjoying yourself, you'll become stuck and never advance. Some people will start playing video games like Apex Legends without giving it a second thought. Later, they will throw in the towel in wrath.


This way, they will not only reduce their chances of progressing, but it will also cause them to get extremely burned out and resentful of a game they love. You must remember the aspects of the game you enjoy to avoid this.



Play with some buddies, and instead of worrying so much about winning, concentrate on nailing one excellent headshot or finally understanding a weapon you've struggled with. Setting objectives besides winning will let you see your growth and keep the game from becoming a chore.


If you want to flourish in the realm of esports while you are still a novice, follow the advice above and refrain from basic blunders. Additionally, join a respected platform like PlayGrid that will assist you along the road with fun challenges, rewards, and stats tracking.


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