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Many industries are seeing a decline in profits and employees, but the accounting industry is still strong. Experts projected a six percent increase in the job outlook until 2031, so many students are changing career paths.


With the abundance of qualified candidates, it can be hard to find the best person for your business. Keep reading below to discover which factors are essential when hiring a corporate accountant.


1. Qualified Candidates

One of the most important things to review when hiring a corporate accountant is their experience.


Corporate companies are fast-paced, so you don't want to hire someone with minimal experience. Look for candidates with a college degree in accounting, relevant experience, and the ability to learn. Although someone might look good at a glance, you must uncover more about their experience and education to make a confident decision.


2. Positive Attitudes

Whether you own a consulting firm or retail company, you need an accountant with a positive attitude.


The attitude of each employee impacts your company's culture. If you want to be successful, you need a strong team by your side that doesn't get discouraged by challenges. The best way to find your final candidate is to host interviews over video chat or in person.


In-person interviews will allow you the chance to learn more about how the accountant handles challenges and stress.


3. Location Parameters

Depending on your company, you may have the option to hire local accountants or go with a remote worker.


Ask yourself and your team if the location of your accountant truly matters. If it doesn't, your options for candidates will significantly increase. Not only will you save money on office space if you go with someone remote, but you can also find employees with more relevant experience.


Hiring a local accountant, however, comes with many benefits. If you need payroll and accounting help on-site, these staff can quickly handle issues. On-site accountants can also assist with training and other financial duties in the office.


4. Independent Workers

Corporate accounting requires teamwork, but a lot of the duties are independent.


Your accountant must be able to adapt to the management software at your company and take tasks head-on. New graduates may need more help and training, which can drain company resources. When you hire someone that can work independently, you can trust they will get the jobs done and ask for help when obstacles arise. You can also refer your new accountant to Appfolio consulting firm for help. This is a great resource for training.


5. Software Experience & Other Technical Skills

Not everyone can go into corporate accounting, the job requires numerous skills that must be taught.


Certain software is introduced in college, but you want people who already have entry-level accounting roles. The software will be regularly used by your accountant, so you don't want to hire someone that uses outdated methods. Taxes, payroll, and communication skills are a must at the corporate level.


Fill Your Corporate Accountant Position Confidently

When it comes to finding a corporate accountant, you want someone who's experienced and improves the company culture.


Looking at each candidate's education, skills, and location can help you determine the most practical choice. Take the time to consider what your business's accounting needs are so you don't hire someone that is over or under-qualified. When you invest in a new employee, it impacts the entire company, especially in a corporate office.


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