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How the iPad Changed Sports

Discover how the iPad revolutionized the world of sports, from training to analysis and fan engagement. Read on to learn more. - Published by Kunal Chowdhury on .

When Steve Jobs stood on stage in January 2010 to reveal the iPad to the world, he knew he was going to revolutionize our perceptions of tablet computers and perhaps even change many aspects of our lives. However, he probably hadn’t predicted just how much his shiny slate-shaped device would reshape the realm of professional sports.


How the iPad Changed Sports
Image by Elias from Pixabay


Watching Sport

The way we consume sports content is very different today than it was 13 years ago. We often take for granted that we can carry a computer the size of a thin book almost everywhere we go and stream live games in high-definition quality without having to whip out a magnifying glass to see what’s happening.


The size of tablets makes them perfect for watching just about anywhere, providing the perfect balance between portability and a quality experience.



Sports betting

These tablets are great for more than just consuming sports content. Many fans also use their device as a companion to their TV, as it gives them the ability to interact with other fans and use betting apps.


Of course, the main reason to use apps like this is to place wagers on games. The popularity of this has been boosted in recent years by the fact that most bookies offer punters sizable free bet promotions. So much so, in fact, that sites like OddsChecker have been created to help bettors find the best of these deals.


However, that’s not the only reason sports fans use these apps on their tablets. They also provide additional information and data during the game that can help them understand what’s going on better. This might include possession data, timing information, or stats about individual players.




It’s not just fans that use tablet computers, either. Coaches of teams at practically every level have quickly learned the value that these devices can have. Instead of a clipboard and reams of paper, coaches and their staff can quickly search through their documents, receive real-time data, and adjust their strategies, all from their touchscreen devices.


iPads and copycat devices like the Surface have quickly infiltrated almost every major league, so much so it’s a common sight to see them being used on the touchlines during games.




Sports betting apps aren’t the only non-streaming services being used by fans during games. Social media apps are also incredibly common. These platforms work great on a tablet when it’s being used as a second screen as fans can comment on the action in real time, converse with others, and follow what sports journalists are saying at the same time.


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