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Today, millions worldwide use their smart devices and computers to access online bookmakers and casinos. However, this wasn’t the case before because many punters were reluctant to give those places a shot.


You can place a bet in many places, but after signing up, you will have access to all of Captain Cooks Casino's games and features and will notice that this brand is at least a couple of straps ahead of the competition. This has a positive result on the number of people using the site.


Speaking of customers and their numbers, a quick look at data from 10 years ago and today reveal that there are tons of differences. The number of gambling sites and people using them has grown massively and for a reason. Let’s learn more about them.


Top 4 reasons why online gambling became so popular in the last 10 years


1. People don’t have time

The first and probably the biggest reason online gambling is way more popular than before is its convenience. People who want to wager on different sports or use an online casino no longer need to go somewhere to do that. Thanks to the rapid growth in mobile tech (more about it in a bit), we can access everything from our hands, including various gambling websites.


Don’t get us wrong, there are many gamblers who are still interested in using the real casinos and betting shops available in their countries. However, since they do not have that much free time, they don’t always have the chance to go there and have fun. As a result, many of them decided to learn how to gamble online and use all of the different perks these sites offer. Thanks to some of the popular gambling ads, users already know some of the things they can expect to get before using the site.



2. Mobile tech is more advanced than ever before

As we’ve just mentioned, the convenience of accessing the gambling website you want from your phone has had a major impact on this industry’s popularity. Of course, this is only possible due to the recent boom in mobile tech. Nowadays, tablets and smartphones are way more advanced and powerful than they were 10 years ago. Consequently, people using them can have a top-tier experience without missing out on some of the options.


To be fair, there were gambling operators 10 years ago that also had mobile apps and websites. However, the things they’ve offered weren’t even close to what’s available now. What’s more, only people with the best devices had access to them because the products weren’t as optimized as today. Luckily, users with all kinds of phones can have an amazing gambling experience whenever they want to.



3. The internet is better

A solid internet connection is one of the things you must have before you start betting online. Although it is one of the most important things, many people do not think about it or pay that much attention until the problems come up. The good news is that the internet in almost all countries worldwide is much faster than it was before, so people rarely have problems.


Some of you may not remember, but the internet’s speed 10 years ago wasn’t as good as it is today. Sure, some people had no problems accessing all kinds of websites, including those for iGaming, but the connection wasn’t stable, so people couldn’t have a top-tier iGaming experience. Fortunately, those days are long gone.


Today, all of the leading gambling websites are optimized in a way that allows them to make the most of the internet connection you have. While having access to a fast and reliable connection is definitely an advantage, you should be able to enjoy everything even if your internet is not that fast.



4. There are more operators than before, and they invest a lot in ads

Gamblers who were interested in online casinos and bookmakers probably remember that the number of sites available 10 years ago wasn’t as high as today. In fact, only a few big brands have survived since then, meaning most of the leading online casinos have opened their doors recently.


The lack of that many sites to choose from has had an effect on what people are interested in, and many of them preferred using stand-alone casinos and bookmakers. Of course, this is no longer the case because the number of sites that offer high-quality services for iGaming fans grows daily.


In addition to the more operators, companies also use tons of funds for ads because the gambling regulations in some parts of the world allow those things. Those ads influence many people, so they start using an iGaming operator instead of a land-based brand.


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