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Although even a high-end laptop will struggle to match the performance of a similarly priced desktop when it comes to gaming, there is no need to worry about being able to play the latest games on your mobile device.


Instead, some steps can be taken to ensure that your laptop is optimized for gaming and also to access the online games that operators like 10cricc casino have to offer to see here for more details of their latest offering. Here are some suggestions.


10 ways to improve gaming performance on your laptop


How to improve gaming performance on your laptop

Clean your laptop

The simplest and easiest way of all is just to keep your laptop clean and free of dust and dirt. Nothing affects performance other than dust and grime. They build up heat inside the processor and everything slows down as a result.


Upgrade your hardware

Although most of the hardware in a laptop cannot be replaced, there are still parts that can be upgraded like the memory (RAM) the storage, and battery. Each element alone will give you more performance, especially if combined with an external keyboard and mouse.


Update Laptop Drivers

Laptop drivers must be kept up to date, so set GPU Management to automatically update. This is not as difficult as it seems – a simple internet search will tell you how to do this.



Updating DirectX

DirectX is an ensemble of software tools that empower the graphics contained within a video game. They are an essential item for anybody who wants to game on a system using Windows. Always choose the most recent iteration.


Overclock the Laptop Graphics Card

Overclocking is the term used to describe running the processor of your laptop at a faster speed than intended by the laptop’s manufacturer. It can result in enhanced gaming performance but it also comes with its fair share of risks. It uses more electricity so power settings will need to be adjusted accordingly, and if the laptop gets too hot, it may automatically shut down.


Adjust the Power Settings

Power management is important in all electronic devices, especially laptops which are designed to work remotely from the main power source. Connecting a laptop to an external power source leads to an enhanced gaming experience.


Activate the Windows Game Mode Not everybody realizes that Windows 10 comes with an Xbox app with features including streaming, screen recording, and Game Mode. Just follow the instructions to activate these.


Close Background Apps

As with any mobile device, the number of apps that you have running in the background, the slower the performance. Close as many as you can before launching a game.



Check Network Speed

Check your internet speed with your service provider, because lag is the most common cause of slow online gaming. If all seems well but problems still exist, consider using a wired Ethernet connection to the router or installing a dedicated gaming router.


Manage Automatic Updates and Downloads

One of the features of Windows that can drive users mad is the automatic updates and the reminders that come with them. Uninstalled updates can also impact performance.


They cannot be disabled but there are three options to consider:

  • Keep the laptop offline.
  • Install updates immediately when prompted.
  • Block updates for the maximum time allowed – currently 35 days.


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