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The new regulations laid out by the Gambling Commission ensure that gambling is deemed a safe sport and online casinos a safe space. The different self-exclusion schemes and additional protection provided by gambling operators and internet servers assure players that their information is under protection. Yet, players may fear for the safety of their personal information provided to gambling sites.


The Reasons To Avoid Identity Verification in Casinos


A player needs to register on gambling sites through accounts created by allowing access to their personal details like employment proof, address proof, bank details, contact information, and emails. These details are required to verify the identity of the registered player. The provision of personal and sensitive information may expose the players to identity theft and swindling hence players should be careful while providing information or go for alternative options i.e sites that do not ask for such proofs of identity.



Why Do Players Avoid Verification?

There may be multiple reasons for a player avoiding verification but among them, certain reasons are the major reasons for concern. They are listed as:



Not all games can be played with a verified account, some games which are termed risky or games with high deposit rates are not made applicable to all verified players. Apart from that, some players do not want to be found out gambling or they simply do not want their identities to be exposed unless they are professional gamblers. Verification of the accounts revokes the chances of it being anonymous.


Hence alternatives such as cryptocurrency are popular among players seeking no withdrawal verification casinos such as CasinoGap or Non Stop Casino. Gambling anonymously is safer and more entertaining due to the thrill of being unknown and having wins hidden and away from possible money launderers. Being anonymous also gives you the peace of not being caught gambling by people whom you do not want to be found out by. Anonymity also prevents self-exclusion services from banning accounts on gambling sites so players can gamble freely. Anonymous players have the added advantage of skipping troublesome verification procedures as well.



Identity Theft

A casino always asks for personal information to verify if the real owner of the bank account has signed up for the creation of the account. The identity proofs are also checked thoroughly to prevent the occurrence of identity theft.


Identity theft is not only punishable by law but also a major crime that has become frequent over the past few years. Since different kinds of identity proofs are available on the site like address details, bank statements and contacts, people online can easily pretend to be someone else and get access to the bank accounts and the money deposited in the account. It is hazardous to the safety of the account holder with high risks of money drain from their accounts. The chances of identity theft are low due to encryption but the fear always remains there with all the information available freely.


Shady Casino Operators

It is common for players to not trust casino operators fully since they have access to all information provided on the site. Casinos that are fully licensed and legalized by the government also have trouble with gaining complete trust among players and only those who have been long-term patrons of the services can come to trust the operators.



The well-known sites and operators have access to all the information given by the players. This information often gets uploaded to the webspace and may remain with the operators for a number of years. Even for self-exclusion services like Gamstop, the information remains on the site for 7 years even after the closure of the account. This poses a threat to the security of the players, always being on the verge of having their information exposed accidentally.


Although fraudulent casinos and operators are almost always removed and unlegalized by Gambling Acts and their commands, there may be operators who escape that ban. These use the information uploaded on the accounts to hack into bank accounts and launder money. These cases have seen a rise with the growing popularity of online gambling.


Money laundering is a serious crime punishable by law and is a crime of growing concern in the past few years. There’s a high percentage of casinos from whom players have lost a considerable amount of money. Hence, not providing the information is a way of protecting against money laundering and financial dilemma.




There are multiple merits of having the no verification option in online casinos. Not only does it prevent active money laundering and identity theft, but it also gives players the ease of gambling without having to undergo rigorous verification processes.


This is partly the reason why casinos that do not require identity proofs and accept cryptocurrency are so vouched for in the present. Casinos that actively require KYC information should take steps to make the verification hassle-free or the players would always be opting for non-verification casinos as an alternative to the regular casinos.


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