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The Internet is one of the greatest tools in the 21st century. It is becoming part and parcel of our daily lives as it has streamlined many of the things we do daily, from work to play. For example, employees in many industries can seamlessly perform their duties remotely without stepping into the office. Meanwhile, thanks to iGaming, gambling fans can play casino online games via PCs or mobile devices, meaning visiting casinos in person is no longer required to engage in gambling. And you know what? We all owe it to the Internet.


As humans evolve to include more devices in their daily routine, it is becoming challenging to manually operate all the appliances and devices we have at home. Fortunately, with the advancement of Internet technology and the ability to connect several endpoints in a network, it is now possible to unify Internet-enabled appliances within the home environment. This is where the Internet of Things (IoT) comes in. Read on to discover how IoT is changing living spaces and the lives of those who live in them.



How Plugging Your Devices Into the Cloud Can Change Your Life

Homes have managed to leverage IoT technology to the extent that the two terms are often mentioned in the same conversations, sometimes even synonymously. If this is something that interests you, some of the top IoT smart home automation systems you could consider include:

  • Samsung SmartThings;
  • Google Home Assistant;
  • Apple HomeKit;
  • Amazon Alexa;
  • IFTTT;
  • Philips Hue;
  • Ring Home Security.



No doubt, the benefits incorporation of such systems brings into homes far outweigh any risks or mishaps that may come about as a result of using the technology. Control lies with the user, as they have the power to remotely automate some tasks in the household, saving a lot of time for tasks where a user needs to be physically available. Below are ways IoT is enhancing and hence improving homeowners’ lives:


Task Automation and Control

Users in IoT-enabled homes can control how tasks are carried out with the help of the technology. From the ability to remotely control things like thermostats, appliances, door locking, and unlocking to utilizing voice commands while within the premises to get things done, life in a hectic world suddenly becomes more manageable. This is achieved by customizing schedules and tailoring devices to suit one’s needs.



IoT Technologies Are Effective in Energy Efficiency

IoT devices are equipped with sensors and accompanying apps that gather necessary data on how the gadgets consume energy and at what times of the day. This data can be used to reduce power wastage where applicable. Sensors can detect whether a room is empty or occupied, and devices will switch state accordingly, e.g., from on to dim to off in the case of lights. Such systems help homeowners realize energy-saving costs at a time when energy demand is at an all-time high.


Improving General Home Security

Knowing that your smart home security systems are reliable provides peace of mind, which is something that is cherished in today’s world. With the Internet of Things, homeowners can remotely monitor their estates and even control some aspects, such as smart locks, for when they may need to grant access to trusted parties.



The connectivity between a user’s smartphone and safety appliances like smoke detectors, cameras, and motion sensors gives the user real-time information that can be instrumental in incidence reporting. Homeowners can also be kept updated with any information on potential disasters in their area. And with more devices installed, they can promptly report any emergencies to relevant actors when the time comes. Such devices include panic buttons, emergency alarms, and even hazard detectors.


Residents’ Health Monitoring

Internet-based innovations also come in the form of wearable technologies, which are vital in recording the user’s health and regular habits. This can help in the early detection of any health issues, eventually evading some severe repercussions down the line.



Everything on a Single Platform

IoT platforms have enabled users to integrate various devices onto a single interface, making it easy to juggle between different devices in the network depending on the desired functionalities.


The Future Is Here! Welcome It!

Of course, there is the question of cyber security that has to be addressed, given the nature of the technology. The platform developers play their part in ensuring there is some basic user protection, but the onus lies with the user as to what security feature will be employed on their end. This includes passwords and keeping up with software updates where required.



This emerging technology has penetrated several sectors to earn itself a spot at the top of the most disruptive technologies, with a trillion-dollar worth as of 2023. Tech bigwigs, including Alphabet Inc., Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, and Amazon, continue to invest billions into the Internet of Things projects, especially given the potential of these technologies.


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