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You might be disappointed to find out that there aren’t sport gaming apps in the app store. Some mobile sportsbooks allow users with Windows phones to submit bets, check current scores, and watch sports. While it is difficult to find the ones that are compatible with Windows phones, we compiled the best list for you.


These apps bring so many benefits to the sports enthusiast. First, you get access to free sports broadcasts. You won’t have to hurry to get to your home to watch your favorite sports event. You can access it directly from your device. There are thousands of sports available, so be sure that you will find the one that you are looking for.


Windows Phone Apps For Sports Gaming & Microsoft Content Policy FAQs


Another good thing is the freebies that you get access to. Unlike traditional sites, these apps allow you to get free bets and different types of bonuses to enhance your gaming experience. Also, this type of app has improved a lot. They have excellent quality graphics for better user experience.


Also, they are more convenient and easy to navigate through, so you don't have to be an experienced player. Even beginners are welcomed to start playing. Sites like can guide you to the best casinos and sportsbook platforms out there. Read on and check the top windows apps for gaming!


Bet365 for Windows

Bet365 has enjoyed quite a popularity during the decade. No wonder, as they have made a revolution in online betting. Their service is available online and via mobile apps for convenient use. They didn’t invest in developing physical facilities. Instead, they work hard to create modern apps that are a true market leader.


Users love this app because of the fact that it provides many benefits, such as live streaming, promotions, and audio sports commentary.



Bovada Sports is another good quality app that amazes players with the design and layout. It is a top-rated app because it is easy to navigate through and has an excellent visual interface. Sports enthusiasts will be amazed to find out that it covers every major sport.


Also, it is welcoming for freebies. You get a $25 bonus for free betting as a first time user.


Microsoft Content Policy FAQs

Why are there no betting apps?

The Microsoft content policy limits the downloading of gambling and betting apps. The policy states that legal gambling is only allowed under certain jurisdictions. Both Google and Apple have similar policies.


Hence, the bookmaker can use web apps for betting rather than apps. You can access any type of games via the browser of your Nokia Lumia.


Why do you need an app?

Mobile betting is a new technology. Users might experience problems or have certain doubts. Some might wonder if it is better to access an app or a website on their device. Technically, you can use a website to place your bets while using a Windows phone.


However, you might find the process difficult. The website layout is challenging to use on a small screen. You will find out that the navigation is quite tough, and you can’t log in or place bets. The app is specially designed to allow smooth experience while using a smartphone. You won’t have any problems, as the layout is specially designed for small screens.


Do you need an Adobe Flash player?

The big downside of playing on the website is the need to install the Adobe player. When you view the app, you won’t need any Adobe Flash. This allows you to watch aloof those live shows and events within one tap. The content is streamed via HTML5, a more convenient method when it comes to using your smartphone.


How to know if apps are compatible with your device?

You might be confused by the fact that you only see Android and iOs compatible apps. These two are the most popular, but many apps forget to mention that they are compatible with Windows phones too. However, you don’t have to worry. The HTML5 technology works on any device such as a smartphone or tablet.



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