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To all those passionate basketball fans, this isn't only a game. You love the sense of belonging to a strong community with like-minded people, which gather to support their favorite players. The basketball players absorb positive energy and hype to achieve the best results in the game.


Many basketball fans were disappointed because season 2019 - 2020 was canceled. The pandemic changs any aspect of our lives, and it definitely had a significant impact on sports. Orlando's season was canceled, so there was a need for creating a whole new approach. Together with the NBA, Microsoft gathered their expertise to create the ultimate experience for passionate basketball fans.


Microsoft's together mode transforms sports moments


A collaboration that brings benefits for basketball fans

NBA and Microsoft announced their 2-year collaboration in April 2020. They are working closely to create the ultimate experience for basketball enthusiasts. When you combine new technologies and sports, you get a whole new approach that will change the game.


They come up with a state of the art platform with advanced features. Fans can watch live broadcasts, but also have access to a road video archive to watch some of the best moments in basketball history. Fans can have access to useful info such as analysis from coaches and broadcasters.


Microsoft and NBA announced a new collaboration brought by the Together Mode. Together mode uses cognition and social perception to create a real feel and make everyone a part of the environment. It enables connecting with people on a shared background. It can be any type of background, but for this case, it is a basketball ground. The advanced approach allows you to feel like you are in the arena together with other basketball fans.


Advanced features that will enhance the basketball experience

Together mode allows the participants to maintain eye contact with others, which is a really important aspect of communication. You can experience the emotion of other participants in the arena. Educators and managers from all over the world have already used this approach, which means that it is applicable to any industry.


The basketball game had a massive influence on sports betting, as there were no matches available. Sports fans will have an enormous comeback in sports betting, so you can visit this site for instance if you want to keep up.


The game court will have a considerable screen wrapped all over the playing arena. Fans will be able to join in from their webcam. All of the participants will be able to cheer and watch the live game. But also, the players can see their fans and their reactions. They need support through the game, so this option will let them feel enthusiasm and motivation. The modern approach allows fans to receive the benefits of watching a basketball game: feeling the sense of belonging to a community and experience strong emotions.


Both NBA and Microsoft are working towards allowing basketball fans to enjoy the full experience while being safe at home. Together mode brings the technology and tools to allow this to happen. According to Microsoft announcements, they admire the connection between the NBA, players, coaches, and fans. They work together to change the sports world for the better.


Final words

The pandemic changed our lives from the root. Luckily, there are many new and advanced technologies that can help us move forward during tough times. The collaboration between Microsoft and the NBA shows that we should be ready to face the obstacles. The Together mode will make it possible for sports fans to enjoy the full experience on the terrain.



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