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Gambling on the Phone - Advantages

What are the advantages of mobile gambling? We are discussing these questions with a Canadian iGaming expert, Kevin N. Cochran. - Published by Kunal Chowdhury on .

Technology is changing the gambling industry. Before the 90s, if we wanted to play casino games we had to visit a brick-and-mortar casino. In the late 90s came the online casinos that rapidly became popular all over the world.


Since smartphones became commonplace, casino operators started concentrating on offering mobile versions of their sites and their games recognizing the opportunities mobile gambling could bring. And as it turns out, today more than half of all online gambling revenue comes from mobile gambling.


Gambling on the Phone - Advantages


So why is that? What are the advantages of mobile gambling? We are discussing these questions with a Canadian iGaming expert, Kevin N. Cochran.


Instantly accessible games

What people are generally lacking today is patience. We don’t want to wait more than 5 seconds for a website to load and we certainly don’t want to wait minutes for our computer to boot. On the other hand, our smartphone is never too far away from us and it is on 24/7.


Online casinos offer the same casino games for the mobile version as for desktop users. So Canadian players will find a long list of casinos where they can play online video poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and hundreds of slot games. Typically, the games load in a few seconds, and most virtual games are simple enough so they won’t take much of your phone’s memory.



You don’t need to download an app anymore to access the games but you can launch the casino’s site through your phone’s browser. The vast majority of new casino games are mobile-friendly so you won’t have to wait for new games to be available for mobile use. New games come out every day. You can read more about what to expect from online roulette here.


Gaming on the go

Mobile data is pretty standard now throughout Canada and internet speeds are reliably high. Just like most of us love to play video games on our phones, punters love to use a mobile phone for gambling. We have a lot of downtime and we would be bored without our phones - for example, while sitting on a bus or spending a coffee break at work.


Casino games, unlike complicated video games, only require attention for a short time. It only takes a few seconds to place a bet on roulette or baccarat and the game’s software will do the rest of the work for you. So if you only have a few minutes to play games there would be no point in turning on your computer.


Mobile-only casino bonuses

One of the biggest online casino benefits for mobile users is some exclusive mobile-only bonuses. These bonuses are not available for desktop users so if you didn’t use the mobile site of the casino you would be losing out. Mobile bonuses often come as free spins for popular slot games but they can offer match deposit bonuses, special mobile tournaments, or something else too.



Generally speaking, mobile casino bonuses tend to be more generous than their desktop counterparts so it is always worth checking out your favorite casino’s site on your phone if you haven’t done it yet.


You can also use the portal and bet on your favorite team in cryptocurrency from your mobile phone.


Better security

In general, it is easier to pick up viruses and malware on your laptop and desktop than on your phone. Also, smartphones are better suited to avoid hacker attacks thanks to the additional security protocols such as face recognition and fingerprint locking and unlocking.


Easier payments

Funding your casino account used to be somewhat complicated and time-consuming. The only available option used to be a bank transfer, however, today you can top up your account through Interac, Skrill, Paypal, cryptocurrencies, and a bunch of other options.



To authorize payments, more often than not, you will need your smartphone and then it only takes a tap on the screen to complete the transactions. Making payments on your phone is again more secure than transferring money or entering your credit card details on a computer thanks to the same face recognition and fingerprint protocols.



There are many reasons why you should be playing casino games on your smartphone instead of your computer. It is easier to access games and complete payments and there are fewer risks of hacker attacks. You may be able to take advantage of mobile-only bonuses as well.


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