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Online gambling is one of the most stable and highly developing industries. It can quickly adapt to changes and find benefits regardless of the conditions. That was clearly seen during the COVID-19 pandemic to both challenges.


Also, online gambling is one of the first industries that respond to the latest innovations and high-tech developments. Good examples here are VR, AR, and blockchain technology. Based on the statistics by Custom Market Insights, online gambling is projected to grow by about 12% annually until 2030.


As for the overall revenue, it is estimated that the sum can reach USD 145.6 billion by the same year. The growth of the online gambling market is tightly connected with the current payment trends, which we described below.


What is the Reason for the Growth of Payments for Gambling on the Internet?



Basic Trends that Impact the Boost of Gambling Payments

In most cases, online gambling is about money. People pay for the opportunity to satisfy their gambling interests without the need to leave their houses or even hit the jackpot. Understanding this, online casinos do their best to increase the number of real money players by using different approaches:

  • Modifying marketing strategies;
  • Targeting specific audiences;
  • Implementing tempting bonuses;
  • Improving mobile compatibility.


But often, the specifics of banking methods themselves motivate gamblers to spend more on their favorite activity. Below, we compiled a list of the most crucial latest tendencies that help increase payments for online gambling.



Demographic Peculiarities

Currently, the gambling audience mostly includes millennials and Gen Z’s. They form about 40% of casino clients. These are mainly young and tech-savvy people who understand digital technology and are focused on mobile devices.


Recent studies also show an increase in the percentage of baby boomers who are involved in gambling for real money. But don’t forget the baby boomers. Currently, they spend twice the amount they did 10 years ago.


What is the Reason for the Growth of Payments for Gambling on the Internet?



Quick Withdrawals

None wants to wait long until their funds are credited to bank cards or e-wallets. Gamblers tend to register on gaming sites where they can cash out winnings lightning fast and without extra (or insignificant) transaction fees.


Here, PayID gaming sites in Aussie and crypto casinos are undoubtedly winners. As for crypto cutes, the decentralization approach and blockchain technology allow them to deposit/withdraw almost instantly. Among additional perks of crypto casinos are the following:

  • Global availability;
  • Few regulatory restrictions;
  • Enhanced anonymity.


You may select among dozens of virtual money types, including volatile currencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum) or stablecoins (USDT or USDC).



Active Tokenization

Many casino users limit their real-money gambling experience because of threats related to online payments. These risks were significantly mitigated thanks to tokenization. This approach provides high-level protection for your deposit/withdrawal assets using multiple channels, including smartphones.


For example, a casino may turn your payment details (for example, bank card data) into a token and store it on a dedicated server. It turns out that it is no longer confidential info, so they do not need to comply with strict PCI DSS rules. For casino clients, it is also a perfect solution to minimize associated costs.



Uncertain Regulation

In many regions, there are no strict norms that regulate the online gambling sphere, especially when it comes to crypto casinos. On the one hand, this may look like a drawback (in terms of dispute resolution). On the other hand, casinos may offer plenty of banking options for their users so they can choose those that suit them best.



Omnichannel Experience

Thanks to the omnichannel approach, casino players may get the same level of gaming experience regardless of the device they use. For example, they can start playing on the PC and then continue on a tablet or smartphone without graphic quality dropping or losing speed. It simplifies depositing/withdrawing anywhere on the go.


What is the Reason for the Growth of Payments for Gambling on the Internet?



To Sum Up

The level of online payment in the gambling industry is constantly growing, and there are objective reasons for this. Casinos try to actively implement modern technologies, including an omnichannel approach, blockchain, and tokenization, to improve the gambling experience of real money players.


Additionally, gaming platforms motivate players to spend more using deposit bonuses and loyalty programs that can bring extra benefits for players.


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