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Although Bitcoin is a digital currency, you have to reserve it somewhere irrespective of the fact that you will use it for buying & selling commodities and services or you wish to invest it in a long-term project. Software like this can help you in buying & selling Bitcoins, but it is your responsibility to manage them yourself. 

It is the enchantress of Bitcoin: you are your bank. So, when you initiate using Bitcoin, you automatically start using a Bitcoin wallet. Like a physical wallet, a Bitcoin wallet operates in the same way. These wallets retain your cryptocurrencies and possess the proofs of any tokens you have.

What is a Bitcoin Wallet?

A Bitcoin Wallet is a virtual wallet that holds Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is a digital wallet to store the coded information and grants access to Bitcoin's public address to facilitate the transactions. Bitcoin not only reserves your digital money but also keeps it safe & secure by providing you a unique private key to ensure that only the relevant person can get the access. This private key is similar to your virtual bank account password.

A crypto wallet enables you to hold, send, and receive various digital tokens and coins. Some Bitcoin wallets facilitate basic transactions, while others may have surplus benefits like access to the blockchain. You can also gain interest in your holding by lending your cryptocurrencies.

How Does a Bitcoin Wallet work?

Because the Bitcoin functions on an encrypted virtual ledger known as the blockchain, using a Bitcoin wallet is not a drop in the bucket. This is why consider a Bitcoin wallet as an email. When you want to send an email, log in by putting your password and entering the receiver address. The same is the case with the Bitcoin wallet. You enter your digital signature or password to access your Bitcoin account and then put the recipient address you want to send Bitcoins.

It is crucial to safeguard your Bitcoin Wallet private key. If anyone else steals your key, he can hack your account and transfer coins into his wallet. Losing your digital signature or key means you have lost your cryptocurrency. 

Most cryptocurrency wallets use decentralized mechanisms and are confidential. In addition, there is no central number for customer support, so you cannot disclose your ownership or update your password. According to research, about 20% of all circulating Bitcoins are lost in virtual wallets as people lose access to their accounts.

Types of Bitcoin Wallets

There is a variety of Bitcoin wallets but the common thing is that all these wallets promise secure trading.


Mobile Bitcoin wallet is just like an app that you can use on your mobile, tablet, or any other android device. Transactions are performed by scanning QR codes on various devices. Your crypto wallet is not possible to be hacked but if someone steals your device, they can steal your coins.


Wallets are based on the web; use a third party to keep your coins safe. You can get access to your coins and perform any transaction by connecting through the internet. These wallets are interlinked with crypto exchanges which means you can store your data in a database.


Desktop wallets are downloadable programs that you can install on your PC. The hard drive of your CPU is used to store cryptocurrencies i.e. coins. This feature shields as an extra skin as compared to Mobile & Web wallets because there is no third party involved.

Paper Wallets

Paper wallets contain a Xerox copy of the QR code or your private key. Online hacking and the chances of stealing passwords drop down to zero. But you need to protect that printed page from everyone else.

What to Consider before Picking a Bitcoin Wallet?

i.    Think about your plan of using crypto including safety, speed, convenience, etc

ii.    Research the repute of the wallet to get to know any past breaches

iii.    Identify the backup plans, whether you can get the lost data or not if the data crashes

iv.    Most importantly, pay full attention to the management of keys including public and private keys

Depending upon the factors discussed above, choose your best-fitted wallet and enjoy trading Bitcoins!

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