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This style of shoot is great for photographers who specialize in family photos and event shoots. The participants (subjects) of a photo shoot are usually happy to accept all your suggestions in the process of the shoot, and the only difficulty is to prepare everything properly in advance.


Agree, between us and our friends, we always remember an incredible number of funny situations and periods of life which is great to remember not only in words but also by looking at the frames of that time. Your task in the picture is to convey the mood of the people and their reverent attitude towards each other.


How To Organize a Photo Shoot With Your Friends, and Save Shared Happy Moments


One mere inspiration, of course, is not enough to make an interesting photo shoot. You still need to prepare in advance, and the Skylum blog, which has already published an article about best friend picture ideas, will help you with this. Go ahead, read it, and make your pictures unforgettable.



Events Where You Can Organize Such A Shooting

Close friends celebrating joyful moments from life together is not only an extra reason to get together, but also to capture it for a lifetime! Events can be absolutely any kind of event, such as:

  • name days. It can be a celebration of one person in a group of friends, or common with several if the dates of birth are close. By the way, on such a day, all guests will be dressed up, and their gifts can also be used as props.
  • The last days of single life for both girls and men. Shooting such a party also involves props in the form of beautiful buffets, balloons, colored music, and the like.
  • Meeting after a long breakup. Such frames are very sensual and sincere, filled with unstressed smiles and sincere tears. They can be made at the airport, the train station, or at home with a friend, who was not warned about the arrival and made a surprise.

Events can go on and on, but your task is to capture every moment of the day in the picture.



Locations For Organizing a Close Friend Shoot

The location for a photo shoot of a group of friends can be any of their favorite places, such as a house they often gather in, or a favorite social institution; if they are friends who have stuck together since their college days, their university courtyard.


Of course, you can use photo studios, but shots under the open sky will look more advantageous, due to a large amount of natural light. A few options for such locations are as follows:

  • a city park, in which you can shoot a company in the process of active games, or a picnic;
  • a courtyard of the house belonging to someone's friends, where they often meet;
  • a coffee house with an open terrace, and so on.


How To Organize a Photo Shoot With Your Friends, and Save Shared Happy Moments


Props to Make Your Shots More Interesting

Of course, it is very important to take collective photos, and not to forget about individual portraits, but in this case, the shooting will look dull. Of course, you will need props! In this case, the flight of fancy can be inexhaustible, and props can appear just in the process of shooting. For example, ice cream, which was purchased on the way to the location, or soap bubbles.


Also, you can offer the company of friends to buy similar T-shirts or baseball caps in advance.


Props can be active game items: a ball, frisbee cymbals, racquets, and so on.


You can also pack large picnic baskets in advance, and take pictures while they are organizing them.



The Appearance of the Company for the Photo Shoot

People's clothing can be both festive and casual - it depends on the location they choose. It is very important that they feel relaxed, which guarantees the success of the shooting process.


There are criteria for an appearance that are best adhered to, and which it is best to talk to your clients about in advance, as follows:

  • clothing should be in the same style, to avoid the presence in one frame of girls in evening dresses and tracksuits, which would look ridiculous.
  • It is also desirable to stick to one color scheme or similar shades, so that the colors in the picture are combined with each other, and avoid color saturation.

Of course, a joint photo shoot for girlfriends can be a good excuse to wear those very dresses from the closet that have been hanging there for a long time, and just haven't had the right moment for them. Most importantly, all friends should look organic to each other in the frame.


How To Organize a Photo Shoot With Your Friends, and Save Shared Happy Moments


Don`t Miss the Natural Moments of Communication in Society

Some of the most successful shots are natural, not staged. They always convey the most sincere feelings. In order to make such shots, you can offer the company a break, but you can continue your work, but already veiled. Or distract from portrait shooting of each participant, catching the moments of sincere smiles of other participants of the photo session. Don't concentrate as much as possible on one shot, because you might miss interesting moments right at your side.


It always looks interesting when the photographer accidentally catches the eye of the subject through the lens of the camera, but in this case, you need to be able to work quickly.




Here are the basic criteria for a successful friend photo shoot. Do not forget to help the participants in the process of shooting, use props, and choose the location in advance. By the way, the participants can sometimes give some not-bad ideas for the frames, which you as a specialist will just have to edit a little. Be open and attentive, and you will succeed!


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