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Are you wondering how to plan and perform preventive maintenance for field services? Provision of services in the field is a major logistical undertaking. It involves the responsible performance of services, which often differ in details, complexity, and time that needs to be spent on them.


To meet the challenge, it is worth considering the implementation of corrective maintenance software, which will facilitate the organization of work, automation and scheduling. Find out how the preventive maintenance program helps you plan your maintenance strategy!


How to plan and perform preventive maintenance for field services?


  • What is preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance?
  • How to effectively perform preventive maintenance
  • What are the benefits of preventive maintenance programs?
  • Maintenance tasks and maintenance plan—support in the logistics of the company



What is preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance?

What is the difference between preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance tasks? Planned preventive maintenance is an action to prevent unexpected failures from occurring. It is extremely important to keep the equipment in the best possible condition and to monitor any faults.


Their removal on an ongoing basis allows you to prevent major failures that generate costs and cause downtime in enterprises. Implementing a preventive maintenance is primarily a systematic replacement of parts and periodic inspections of equipment.



Maintenance predictive, in turn, is determining the probability, based on the collected data and analysis, when equipment and devices may fail again. This allows you to perform routine maintenance at certain intervals—not too often, so as not to generate unnecessary maintenance costs, and not very rarely, so that defects don’t lead to any expensive equipment failure. Manufacturers usually provide recommendations, so you know when companies can perform preventive maintenance services according to the maintenance schedule.



How to effectively perform preventive maintenance

A preventive maintenance schedule can be very helpful in preventing possible failures and damage to equipment. The best way to plan preventive maintenance is to keep a schedule with the help of advanced, dedicated software.


Such digital solutions are convenient to use, allow you to plan repairs and prepare for them. Productivity and significant reduction of costs apply to both the equipment, the company performing the contract and the owner of the machines. Planned preventive maintenance program is a digital tool that greatly facilitates the work of technicians.



What are the benefits of preventive maintenance programs?

A serious approach to maintenance management makes it easier, for example, to assess whether given devices can operate with limited capacity even after a failure.


The software also enables the collection of data and information and their comparison with the parameters provided by the manufacturers. If any planned maintenance work is necessary, it can be planned in advance, which does not affect the functioning of the company, makes it easier to determine the area of repairs and carry them out in accordance with the schedule.


Professional software enables high automation of planning each maintenance task. Another advantage is the planning of the daily duties of the maintenance team and the inspection of parts and your equipment that need to be taken to repair for field maintenance services.



By connecting sensors, you can also monitor some machine parameters and execute maintenance measures. The data is then transferred to the software in real time and analysed. If there are problems, the technician team can check the equipment usage and start the appropriate maintenance action.


Maintenance tasks and maintenance plan—support in the logistics of the company

Advanced software dedicated to execute predictive and preventive maintenance by field service companies helps to reduce unplanned equipment breakdowns and reduce the time needed for repairs. Facilitates working according to the schedule, improve safety of employees using equipment, optimise asset utilization and extended equipment lifespan.


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