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RNG Blackjack Vs. Real Live Version

Blackjack is a game of many strategies, varieties and possibilities! In this article, we help you make the all-important decision: RNG or Real Live? - Published by Kunal Chowdhury on .

It is unimaginable to see the land-based and online casinos without the blackjack game. Ranking among the best games at, real money blackjack has been around for a long time and has entertained so many generations. The game's simplicity but can provide a world-class gaming experience contributes to its incredible reputation.


The RNG blackjack has grown with the online casino in the '90s and with the emerging innovations and trends designed with the casino games, the live blackjack version is an overwhelming phenomenon. So it seems reasonable that several players are wondering whether they should opt for an online or live dealer blackjack.


RNG Blackjack Vs. Real Live Version


How does RNG Blackjack Work?

Random Number Generators (RNG) is a computation device used in online casino games to produce a sequence of random numbers to completely keep out the possibility of falsifying the outcomes. In online blackjack, this technology’s programme depends on an algorithm, a mathematical formula used to produce random results. Instead of real dealers, RNG helps to reproduce the croupier dealing the cards.


This software algorithm automatically makes long runs of numbers that randomly appear after the other, meaning that the players will have different results. Therefore, those who choose to play virtual blackjack are ensured that they will play in a fair and transparent environment. In other words, the players who want to preserve their privacy should choose one of CasinoDeps sites with real money blackjack version because they won't compete with other players.



How Live Casino Blackjack Works?

As its name indicates, live blackjack is a virtual version of blackjack but with a real dealer playing from a physical table in a studio or brick-and-mortar casino. The actions are direct and the croupier shuffles and distributes cards, the same as the human dealer does.


Similar in the physical casino, the players are dealt real cards for a six- to eight-deck shoe through the microchips interface with the software that translates all actions appearing on the screen. The only virtual action required is placing bets, so before playing, they have to choose between hit, stand, double down, or split. The players can follow the count of their hands on the screen while interacting with the croupier as well as other virtual players sitting at the table.



Which is Better, the Live or Online Version?

Now that we’ve explained the functions of RNG and live blackjacks, here are the benefits of choosing the two versions of this game of the 21st century.


Accessibility in RNG Blackjack

Accessibility is one of the requirements that the players are in quest of when playing online casino games. Actually, a large selection of virtual blackjack games can be played so you are able to choose your favourite variants no matter what time of day it is.


Moreover, the beginners should also choose this version in free mode because it is a perfect opportunity to get familiar with the game helping them apply strategies before risking their money. As this generation game is a wonderful combination of skill and chance, free practice is required to gain blackjack experience before placing bets. Online blackjack is ubiquitous in renowned online gaming sites, the biggest variety can, thus, be easily tried and played.



The Most Realistic Casino Experience in Live Dealer Blackjack

Transporting the physical casino in the comfort of your home seems unfeasible but with live blackjack, you’ll realise that the realistic gaming experience has become possible. In fact, the live casino is the opportunity to enjoy a real-life casino room without leaving your sofa. Unlike online blackjack, this modern version allows the players to interact with human dealers and other players so an unforgettable experience is always waiting for them.


In fact, the live casino providers use the technology Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to enable the players to feel like in the brick-and-mortar casino. Since this live dealer blackjack is closer to the traditional version, a quite different variant, the reputed casino software providers have, unsurprisingly, extended their gaming portfolio.



Multiple Bet Limits for Both Digital and Live Blackjack

The betting stakes refer to the amount of money invested in blackjack or other casino games. Depending on the casino, they can be meager or very high. Both online and live dealer blackjack versions permit every category of players to place bets as they offer multiple options regarding the bet amounts. With the different bets from minimum to maximum, whether they pick the virtual or live variations, they just choose the table that best suits their requirements and enjoy the outstanding gaming experience.


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