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Movies and shows are not just all about fun and entertainment. Sometimes they teach you lessons that no person, no book, or no experience teaches you. For example, they hold meaningful morals and ideas that compel you to think, introspect, and be grateful.


Watching such content is immensely important to feel positive, especially in today’s highly complicated world, and think beyond the shallow events of life. You need a reminder that all that you have and where you are at the moment is a pinnacle of achievement for many and you can chase any dream with determination and hard work. You need more of such lessons to keep going without doubting or underestimating yourself.



That said, we are going to list some of the incredible shows that are worth your time. However, before you hop on the list, make sure you have everything in place to watch the show, especially the internet. If you ask us, we would recommend you Mediacom, a top-tier Internet service provider. It offers high-speed internet at the best rates. You may contact Mediacom servicio al cliente en español (For Spanish Customers) to learn more about exclusive deals.


Anyway, here is the list of insightful shows you can watch.



1. Maid

Maid is a highly acclaimed show that made many cry their hearts out. This is a gut-wrenching drama that follows a young mom’s attempt to leave her abusive husband and make a new life for her daughter.


If you have first-hand experience of domestic abuse, keep in mind that this show might be triggering. However, there is no denying that this show will bring you down to earth by showing the true picture of abuse victims. This show shows the resilience of the mom but also uncovers the lack of support for vulnerable people.


The show revolves around Alex- Margaret Qualley and Maddy- Rylea Nevaeh Whittet who move in and out of domestic violence shelters, friends’ and relatives’ homes, and halfway houses and back into trailers. Alex is helpless and drowned in poverty; she suffers angering and unjust events one after another but tries her best to protect herself and her daughter. This might be difficult to watch but a depiction of how a majority of women have to suffer at the hands of abusive relationships.



2. Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker

Here is another incredible show that is a must-watch for those who complain about not having enough resources to progress in life. This inspiring story, split into four parts, is about a successful African-American entrepreneur, Madam C.J. Walker. She became America’s first self-made millionaire by building a hair care empire.


This show will fuel the motivation required to turn the stones, especially if you are a woman, looking for success in a male-dominated society. This is a story of grit and determination in which Madam C.J. Walker kept on going despite everyone’s opposing viewpoints.


In essence, she is not just an inspiration for women innovators and entrepreneurs but for everyone who is committed to making big with their creativity and innovation.



3. GirlBoss

Another incredible show that will inspire you to start working on your dream with all you have is GirlBoss. This is inspired by Sophia Amoruso, the founder and CEO of Nasty Girl. It unfolds the success of the venture which could just look horrendous for many. Sophia started selling vintage clothes on eBay at the age of 22 from her room, but within 5 years, she could attract many big venture capital rounds to reach a valuation of over €180 million.


The moral of the series is once you figure out what to do in life, you will feel empowered. Also, everyone, man or woman everyone has to figure out a way to work for themselves. It is not about becoming a millionaire or billionaire, but it is about finding the passion for what you do and getting going with it.



4. Family Business

While this show is a one-of-a-kind comedy show, it will gently highlight the importance of unconditional love and support. We don’t realize how beautiful it is once it is gone- this stands true for the bonds among siblings and parents.


This show will perfectly demonstrate how it is possible to face challenges and cherish life with the companionship of family.


However, you must buckle up to watch some family drama as well as this Persian Jewish family trying to navigate through the lows and highs of their butcher shop. They also build the first-ever marijuana café and their hilarious adventures go on.



5. Workin’ Moms

All the Super-Working- Moms should watch this series as it is a true representation of how moms change through their private and professional lives. Why just moms? dads should also watch it to understand what motherhood is like for moms who also compete in their workplaces.


Bottom Line

If you are feeling low and have a thought that life is unjust, you must watch some of the eye-opening shows that will make you feel grounded. Check out the list of some of the stellar shows and think about what it takes to achieve your dreams.


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