Silverlight Tutorial

Silverlight Tutorial

In this chapter of the tutorial, you will learn about the very basic information on Silverlight i.e. what is Silverlight, what is the System Requirements for installing Silverlight and the pre-requisite to create a Silverlight application. After reading this chapter you will come to know about XAML, XAP file, Application XAML and how to host a Silverlight application.
  • What is Silverlight?
  • What are the System Requirements for installing Silverlight?
  • How can I know whether Silverlight is installed in my PC?
  • What are the Prerequisite to create a new Silverlight Application?
  • What is XAML?
  • What is App.xaml file?
  • What is MainPage.xaml file?
  • What is XAP file?
  • How can I host a Silverlight Application?

In this chapter we will first discuss on how to create a new Silverlight project and the structure of it. Later in this chapter we will discuss on UserControls and various ways of developement. After reading this chapter you will be able to create a HelloSilverlight application and UserControls for your application.
  • How to create a new Silverlight Project?
  • What’s the Project Structure of Silverlight?
  • Creating a “HelloSilverlight” Application
  • Creating a Silverlight UserControl

In this Chapter I will describe about different Panels available in Silverlight. After reading this chapter you will be familiar with various types of Silverlight Panels. As this tutorial is mainly targeted for Silverlight 4, hence you will find some panels unavailable in the earlier versions of Silverlight.

  • Overview of Panels
  • “Grid” Layout Panel
  • “Canvas” Layout Panel
  • “StackPanel” Layout Panel
  • “ScrollViewer” Layout Panel
  • “Border” Layout Panel
  • “ViewBox” Layout Panel

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  1. Hi Kunal,
    I am a new guy to the Silverlight development and found it very useful. I searched in google and came to know about your site and this tutorial. You are doing a great job Kunal. I really found it very useful for my new journey. Will wait for your next chapter. Hope you will publish it soon.
    - Rohit

  2. Hi Rohit,

    Thanks for your valuable feedback. Keep an eye. You will soon see my next chapter online. Till then keep learning. Wish you all the best in RIA world using Silverlight.


  3. Thank you Kunal. I love your tutorial and look forward to more chapters.

    One question: are you going to cover topic about how Silverlight can simplify frontend and backend communication?

  4. Hi Kunal,
    It's Nice tutorial for starting Silverlight.


  5. Hi Neha,

    Just visit the following site for the original content: Silverlight Tutorial Page


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